Ghost Hunters: S09E04 Permanent Residents

This week the GH gang visit a beautiful location The 1890 House in Cortland, NY. It is now a museum and I wonder how long it will be before it has it’s annual ghost tours? I guess we will know by this Halloween.

The reports of  haunted activity are pretty much what you might expect from a house of this age. I liked the test by Britt of the pool balls making noise by vibration caused by heavy traffic. While the experiment was a good effort, he failed to remember (or perhaps that info was not passed on to him) that the witness said that the pool balls were not set out. He should have tested how the balls were stored and if improper storage and gravity might have caused the sound. They had a strange sound around the cue rack and I wonder if they should have spent more time there? I wasn’t impressed with the Rim Pod going off on the table because it was probably KJ approaching the pool table.


ghdebunkAs for the debunk attempt of the alleged ghost photo, I wonder why Britt and KJ didn’t pull the trigger and say that the picture was a person with a camera. I couldn’t help but think that season 1 or 2 Ghost Hunters would have tossed out this photo.

Adam reports that his leg was touched (not getting enough airtime Adam?) and I couldn’t help but laugh. Interesting place, I can see why people think that it’s haunted.

The second portion of the show was an investigation of the Ashmore Estates. Michelle and Tango propose that a rocking chair may be a source of knocks and for once I came away happy with the debunking efforts. Having said that, I think that Ghost Adventures (season5) did a much better investigation of the location. I couldn’t help but wonder if GH’s efforts to debunk were a salvo aimed at GA. It makes you wonder about the motivations of rival paranormal TV shows.

One response to “Ghost Hunters: S09E04 Permanent Residents”

  1. Quid pro quo. Ghost Hunters gets a free visit and a mediocre episode and the location gets free publicity and more customers. GH and GHI used to occasionally state that they had absolutely no evidence of a haunting and that they disproved pieces of evidence as having natural causes. It isn’t to their or the owner’s financial benefits to say that anymore, so they always leave the door open to a possible haunting. They wouldn’t get nearly so many opportunities to investigate if they declared any place absolutely, positively not haunted.

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