Syfy drops Ghost Hunters


Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen this one coming haven’t we?  Will this be the end of Ghost Hunters? I doubt it.

There is still a lot of interest in the paranormal and para-entertainment.If the Ghost Hunter show isn’t picked up by another channel, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it return as a special of some sort. Can you say Halloween special … How about books?   LMAO.

At any rate, I want to thank the Ghost Hunter franchise for the years of entertainment.

GHI: Hell’s Gate: Canada or series finale?

It looks as though GHI went out not with a bang but with a rolling cigarette. In what is probably the last episode of Ghost Hunters International, the team visits Lower Fort Garry in Manitoba and Hell’s Gate British Columbia. Both locations are freaking beautiful, I really enjoyed the site tours. Having said that I wish GHI had taken a moment to mention that Fort Garry hosts haunted tours (link).

Is this the end of GHI?

In the Fort Garry segment, the team hears the usual odd noises. However, I would find it even more creepy if an old location like that had no sounds. I got a bit of a chuckle when Paul decided to build a fire and use the blacksmiths’ tools. Wouldn’t that have been a memorable ending for the series, with the haunted location going up in flames. Having said that, it seemed to me that Paul was stepping up his game with trigger objects while the rest of the team seemed to almost sleep-walk through the show.I’m a little troubled with the doll’s hair that had seemed to move. Why didn’t we have some video?

Next the team traveled to Hell’s Gate. Once again, we are treated to some fantastic eye-candy with that beautiful location. Almost in contrast to the awesome location, the GHI team was less than stellar. The highlight was a cigarette used as a trigger object and it was seen to move on a table. Maybe it’s just me but I rolled my eyes at what seemed to be obvious hoaxing. To me, it looked as though someone blew on the cigarette forcing it to roll up the table then gravity took over and it rolled down the table.  I wondered if the table was picked because it wasn’t level or did the GHI crew put something under one leg of the table? I blame shenanigans like this for the demise of the show.

Although quotes from Kris like “bears like honey, right?” may have been a contributing factor. Speaking of Kris she has a new gig video blogging for I guess that is based on her experience as a historical researcher.

If you want Syfy to continue GHI, there is a petition started (link). Having said that, I don’t think that the Syfy channel is motivated by what the fans want.

Ghost Hunters International: Ghoul School: American Samoa

This week the GHI team traveled to American Samoa to investigate a ruined girl’s school. I wonder if the visit is in an effort to turn the location into a paranormal tourist attraction? The team arrived in true Destination Truth style, an old purple bus. I guess that’s the plan for future tourists to the location.

Kris and Barry see some shadows. They see movement in the woods and a white figure. Kris is weirded out by the sound of crickets and they hear a growl. Barry raises his voice and the crickets stop. Kris speaking to the king spirit says, “If crickets are the best you can do, that’s pretty lame”. Her taunt is followed by an immediate down pour of rain.

Paranormal? I don’t think so. The movement was probably wind gusts from the approaching rain. The crickets? That is pretty much how they behave in my neck of the woods. The growl? Thunder in the distance?

My laugh of the night came when Paul went all Lizzie Borden on a bamboo stalk. Either it was a tough stalk or a dull machete, but Paul had a very hard time chopping it down. I got a chuckle at Joe Chin seeing glowing eyes in the jungle. Joe, for future reference, there are animals in the jungle.

Of course, the gift that keeps on giving, Susan “look at me” Slaughter had to be the center of attention again. This week something poked—caressed—groped her “BEE-HIND”. Her description changed over time, but I think she settled on groped. At least she didn’t have to open a vein to get attention.

The team managed to collect some evps and light anomalies. Having said that, the anomalies may have been camera problems. All in all, this wasn’t one of their better shows.

Ghost Hunters International: Sacrificed Mayan Spirits: Belize

In this episode, GHI returns to Belize to investigate the Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins. I can’t understand why the producers of the show want us to believe that the team traveled to France (last episode) only to return to Belize? You would think that a show like GHI would be a little more honest. At any rate, it is a minor complaint.

I loved the tour of the Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins and I would like to have seen more of it. I really couldn’t understand the show’s fixation with sacrifice and blood-letting. I guess the producers felt that the blood-letting angle would attract more viewers?

Of course, the star of the show Susan “look at me” Slaughter had to be the center of attention and participate in a blood-letting ritual. I couldn’t help but think of the now defunct paranormal show Extreme Paranormal, who buried a team member alive, cut bars, and set fire to a floor. Was Susan’s bloodletting a jump the shark moment?

Barry seemed so involved with Susan’s ritual that he appeared to have momentarily lost control of his team. Scott and Paul were wondering around doing solo investigations. Joe and Kris stayed together, I guess their old Ghost Hunter training kept them paired.

The best evidence collected was an evp that said, “Pedro’s not here.” I guess its a good thing that ancient Mayans speak English. Having said that, I really couldn’t understand it without the text at the bottom of the screen.

About the blood-letting Kris tweets, “F**king Stupid”, “Looks like might be the only sane person in this group tonight.”, “Investigators should also take in consideration the kids at home watching”, “Love you guys and apologize for tonight’s madness.”.

Jason Hawes tweeted, “I spoke against it when other show did the same. People need to think about kids who may watch& try what they see. I’m with @KrisWilliams81“, “I Agree with u Kris. We would have never. RT @KrisWilliams81: Investigators should also take in consideration the kids at home watching.”

While Kris may complain about blood-letting rituals in paranormal investigations and setting bad examples for children, I have to wonder if she thinks wearing a seat belt improperly sets a good example for children?

Forget safety! Let’s not hide the goods behind a seat belt!

Trouble in paradise for GHI?

I was watching the episode “Touched by the Dead: Ireland”, and I couldn’t help but notice the body language of Barry and Kris.

Usually, it looks as though some of the GHI gear should be a crowbar to pry Kris off of Barry. However; not only has Kris kept her hands to herself, but she seems to be putting as much space as possible between herself and our Irish ghost hunter. Having said that, it may be nothing more than travel fatigue.

Many people may have found the “Touched by the Dead: Ireland” to be boring, but I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the shots of Ireland. Spike Island is one spooky-looking place. Barry teamed up with Paul at one point while Kris and Susan teamed up. Once again I was surprised to see the separation of Barry and Kris. I would like to see the team members split-up more often.

One of the funniest parts was Barry burning incense to attract a Banshee. Really? Banshee incense? Maybe some Irish whiskey would make a good banshee bait?

My thoughts on GHI ‘Rising from the Grave: Trinidad’

When I first saw the title, I had to wonder if “Rising from the Grave” was a reference to their ratings.As it turns out, GHI traveled to Trinidad for a one hour long infomercial (syfymercial) of Liponet plantation.

The show continues to stick to its normal format. In this case, Susan reads a brief summary of the investigation while the GHI vans are cruising to the location. I got a bit of a chuckle watching the vans negotiate the narrow road with a sheer drop on one side.

Susan depicts the Comte Charles Joseph de Loppinot as an evil slave owner who murdered his slaves by hanging them from a cashew tree. However; “A Book of Golden Deeds Of all Times and all Lands” by Charlotte Yonge (1823-1901) paints a different picture of the alleged evil slave owner. Yonge describes the man as kind to his slaves and that his slaves protected him during a slave revolt. You can read about it here.

Count de Lopinot, an old officer in the army, who had settled with his wife upon the island, had been so uniformly kind to his slaves, that their hearts were with him; they rose for the protection of him and his family, and when the way of escape was open, entreated him to take them all with him, to live and die in his service. The place chosen for his retreat was the English island of Trinidad, where he obtained from Government a grant of waste land among the mountains, to be selected by himself. The centre of Trinidad is so mountainous, as to be still uncultivated and unsettled, and the Count was forced to take with him his bodyguard of faithful negroes, to cut a passage for him through the tropical forest.

If I could find this in just a few minutes on Google, why couldn’t anyone on the GHI team or staff? Or could it be that the GHI team and staff did know about it and decided that an evil slave owner was a better story?

The team interviews the staff at the plantation and we learn of the great balls of fire at the Arouca River. I promptly jumped into my Jerry Lee intimation. Scott Tepperman and Joe chin investigate the river and bumble with their equipment. They see someone on the thermal camera and call two of the four other members of the team to check their location. As it turns out, the thermal hit was of the two members of the team that Joe and Scott forgot to call.

The real hoot of the show was Susan at the hanging tree. She pointed to sap on the tree and thought that it looked like blood. Sadly, it seemed that no one noticed that the alleged hanging tree was not two hundreds years old. In fact, a quick google search will show that the alleged hanging tree died and another tree was planted. Why let a minor detail like that’s not the tree mess up a good ghost investigation?

The team managed to collect an interesting light in the night sky. Sadly, they chose to play steel drums rather than ask an expert what the odd light may have been. Thanks Barry, that’s what I call leadership.

The team also picked up a growl in the cave. However; it is a cave in the jungle. Once again, asking an expert would have been a good idea. Judging from the sound I’m thinking it may have been a cane toad.

All in all, it was pretty entertaining. I thought that Susan’s theatrics were hilarious.Showing us a thermal of Susan’s leg, to show us that nothing was there, pretty much summed up the whole episode.

Best line of the show was from Susan, of course. “If you must you can grab my arm of anything else.” Oh Susan, you little ghost teaser!

On to the next!!!

GHI: Army of the Dead

Barry hides in Kris' chest.
Barry hides in Kris’ chest.

I’m sitting here on Super Bowl Sunday watching a marathon of Ghost Hunters, and I thought that I would talk about GHI’s last episode. GHI ratings have dropped just a little, coming in with a modest  1.221 million (1.234 previous week) viewers for the “Army of the Dead” episode. Maybe the numbers have hit bottom and GHI will rebound?

The new cast has yet to establish itself. They seem to be moving to a more “Ghost Adventures” style of ghost hunting. I noticed that Joe and Paul had donned some clothes that looked like they had raided Zak’s closet. Don’t get me started on Zak and the word closet.

The Petrovaradin Fortress seemed to bring out a GA style of hysteria from the team. At one point Barry seemed to drop to his knees in fear and Kris pulled Barry’s head to her chest. That really smacks of the GA boys, or Brian running away, and really reminded me of the now defunct “Most Haunted” show. Which begs another question, why doesn’t Barry mix up the team? It’s always Barry/Kris, Paul/Susan, and Joe/Britt/Scott . Could it have something to do with Kris’ face to chest ghost hunting technique?

Paul managed to photograph an alleged shadow figure. The problem that I have with the picture is that the sound man, cameraman, Producer, and anyone else on the crew was not accounted for. Are we going to pretend that these people don’t exist?

All in all, I came away with some good laughs and a few hand to head moments. I loved the location and I enjoyed the creepy vibe of the show.

Having said all of that, I discovered that the Travel channel has a GA marathon.  Sorry Syfy, I’m watching Ghost Adventures until game time.

Is Susan slaughtering GHI ?

Is Susan Slaughter slaughtering GHI or has the new direction failed? When the “night of the long knives” came out for the GHI cast, the reason given was ratings. The ratings have been slipping and the “powers that be” decided to move in a new direction. That direction seems to be more of a Ghost Adventures style of show.

Recently, Susan Slaughter has re-introduced her alleged psychic abilities. These abilities led to an almost psychic meltdown during the S03E03: Unfaithful Spirit: Germany investigation, like Zak’s multiple  possessions on Ghost Adventures.

Will the new Susan Slaughter bring an ailing GHI back to life or slaughter it? You judge by the numbers.

Season 2 Episodes
January 2010 – February 2010
2.6 million viewers
1.744 million viewers
1.810 million viewers
2.132 million viewers
1.656 million viewers
2.014 million viewers
1.629 million viewers

July 2010 – August 2010
1.346 million viewers
1.494 million viewers
1.388 million viewers
1.394 million viewers
1.352 million viewers

January 2011 –
1.475 million viewers
1.675 million viewers
1.268 million viewers

Short of her  little goth head spinning around on her shoulders and spitting pea soup would I ever believe that she was possessed.

We have Susan’s imitation of Zak, and we have Paul with a power drain as we have seen with the GA cast. We saw Britt ask Joe if he heard something only to interrupt him before he could respond, as we have seen with Zak and Aaron. If GHI continues to imitate Ghost Adventures, they will never be anything more than a poor GA imitation.

S03E01: Hamlet’s Castle, Denmark

S03E01: Hamlet’s Castle, Denmark — or something is rotten in Denmark ?  Alas, poor GHI! I knew them, kind of. As the show continues to circle the drain, we find a new GHI team lead by Barry FitzGerald. Britt will be in a few episodes that were shot before he was fired. I guess GHI considers it a successful season if they finish with most of their cast.

Another sign of the crumbling empire that was Ghost Hunters, Scotty Roberts has resigned. I know many of you are asking — who is Scotty Roberts and why should I care? Scotty was the editor for TAPS ParaMagazine. He has resigned after working UNPAID for a year. That’s right folks!

Merge that little thought with the Donna La Croix’s Ghost Divas interview where she said that she and other TAPS celebrities were in financial trouble due to the show. She said that she, Brian, and Andy “almost went bankrupt.”

In the usual Ghost Hunter fashion, the team welcomes the new members without mentioning the departure of the old team. It’s as if Robb and the others didn’t exist.

I have noticed that the team members seem more chatty than normal. I think that I’ve heard more from Joe Chin in this episode than in his entire GHI career. I have to wonder if the team members feel the need to step it up a notch after the departure of so many team members?

On the plus side, I enjoyed the location. The castle is beautiful. On the downside, I was not impressed with the pebbles being tossed. I have seen far too much of pebble tossing on “Most Haunted.” It seems that GHI has a magical moving flashlight to rival GH’s magical blinking flashlight. Of course, we couldn’t see all of the flashlight, so we have no idea what might have moved it. As for the chandelier swaying, I’m sorry but it was within reach of anyone. I would like to have seen some effort made to debunk ghostly accounts.

Barry concluded that the location is haunted and my jaw dropped.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

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