Review: Haunted Surry to Suffolk

Haunted Surry to Suffolk: Spooky Locations Along Routes 10 and 460

By Pamela K. Kinney

Product description:

Take a journey along Virginia’s scenic Routes 10 and 460 eastbound to enjoy the lovely countryside and metropolises that spread around these two roads. Most of all, discover that some historical houses, plantations, battlefields, parks, and even the modern cities, have more than touristy knickknacks, ham, and peanuts to offer. Many have ghosts!

Bacon’s Castle has spirits haunting it since the 1600s. Stay in a cabin overnight at Chippokes Plantation State Park and you might find you have a spectral bedfellow. The city of Smithfield has more to offer than the world’s oldest ham; it also has some very old phantoms still stalking its buildings. Take a ghost tour of Suffolk and see why the biggest little city is also one of the spookiest. Discover the myths and legends of the Great Dismal Swamp and see what phantoms are still haunting the wildlife refuge. And if that’s not enough, Bigfoot and UFOs are part of the paranormal scenery. These and other areas of southeastern Virginia are teeming with ghosts, Sasquatch, UFOs, and monsters. See what awaits you along 460 south and 10. No matter which road you take, the phantoms can’t wait to SCARE you a good time.

My thoughts:

Haunted Surry to Suffolk was very hard for me to put down, because I love this kind of book. Kinney takes us on another ride to haunted locations and this book was an entertaining as her last book Paranormal Petersburg, Virginia, and the Tri-Cities Area.

I have to say that almost all of the ebook was interesting but the chapter Bigfoot and UFO Encounters from Surry to Suffolk was excellent. It was just packed with dozens of legends and stories. I wish that Kinney had spent more time on them.

Those who live in the area and tourists who visit claim they see wispy white things, especially around the lake, but no doubt what they saw could be foxfire, a substance given off when certain fungi decay wood. Again, maybe they did see something. The place can be eerie, especially if shrouded in fog or mist. And besides spirits, you might run into Bigfoot or fairies. Do take care and don’t strike out alone in the woods and head off the designated trails, for you never know who or what you might meet. You might encounter more than animals and birds in the Great Dismal Swamp, and the haunts and Bigfoot are waiting to welcome you, even if it means taking the portal to Hell.

The pictures are excellent but I didn’t see the anomalies that she circled. I guess it’s just part of my doubting nature. As I understand it, the pictures will be in black and white, as opposed to the free review copy provided to me from the author, which were in color. Sadly, that will take a little something away from the reader’s experience.

I’m giving Haunted Surry to Suffolk: Spooky Locations Along Routes 10 and 460 4 1/2 stars out five. If you live in the area or plan to travel there, this book is a must-have.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Pamela K. Kinney. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Mama don’t let your babies grow up to be … ghost hunters

♫ Mama don’t let your babies grow up to be … ghost hunters. ♫

Okay, as it turns out, while some Mothers may not want their sons to be cowboys, some Mothers at J.E. Jones Elementary in Wisconsin don’t want their children exposed to ghost hunting.

“We’re not going in there with Ouija boards, dowsing rods, to conjure things up. This is not the point. We’re there to document what may have been reported,” paranormal investigator Noah Leigh told a local news reporter.

A modern ouija board plus planchette
A modern ouija board plus planchette (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All in all, it sounds far more interesting than my elementary art class where my buddy Carl was sent to the principal for eating the watercolor paints. I mean WTF Carl — geez — and he ate pencils too.

Of course, some of the religious families are opposed to their children ghost hunting. I suppose, if I had a problem with the course, my objection would be to give the kids more reading, writing, and arithmetic. Having said that, I really don’t know the course load of the students, maybe they don’t need the extra time with the 3Rs.

I guess “misusing” instruments to document alleged paranormal activities is as harmless as the paint in Carl’s stomach. Yes, Carl survived.





The many dangers of ghost hunting

vintage ghost

While some ghost hunters may fear malevolent spirits during a ghost hunt, another danger may be the occasional BB-gun armed vigilante. As it turns out, a woman fed up with ghost hunting trespassers used a BB-gun on this group of paranormal thrill-seekers.

“Jessica stated that a female with blond hair (later identified as Amey) came out from the residence next to the tunnel and told them they needed to leave,” Lipe said. “As the male was getting back into the vehicle they observed some type of firearm in (Amey’s) hand. Jessica said she saw the female cocking the firearm, and as they drove off she (Amey) fired it at them, striking the rear of the vehicle.”


“Brandi stated that she had a Red Rider b.b. gun, and as the vehicle was leaving she pointed the gun and fired it at the vehicle, but she was unaware that she hit it,” Lipe stated in his report.


What do we learn from this? Use caution while investigating, look out for the living, be aware of your surroundings, get permission to investigate the location, and most importantly wear BB-proof body armor.

Ghost Hunters S09E08 The Ghost Hasn’t Left the Building

gh09e08Ghost Hunters “The Ghost Hasn’t Left the Building” not to be confused with Ghost Lab‘s “Elvis Has Not Left the Building” (link). I’ve got to say, in a head-to-head match up, I think Ghost Lab did the better job.

Sadly, in both cases, the investigation was better more than an hour-long infomercial for the Shreveport Auditorium.  On the plus side, Amy returned from maternity leave — I couldn’t help but laugh at the contrived exchange between Jason and Steve about Amy’s return. It came off as so staged and faked that I wondered if they were actually happy that Amy returned. Are they?

While the GH team heard some unusual sounds, to be honest can you determine what is unusual to THAT Auditorium with only a one night investigation? The team did very little to recreate the sounds or the mysterious photographs.

I got a chuckle when Amy and Adam saw a tall shadow. Of course, the cameraman missed it so we the audience missed it. Describing the shadow they said that it looked like it had color to it — like white —yeah. Maybe it’s just me but I usually don’t say that something has color in it  — white.

Later Britt gave me a laugh when he said with a straight face that he was investigating the nearby graveyard to see if the ghosts from the graveyard are going to the Auditorium. Seriously Britt? How are you going to determine if there is some sort of ghost leak? Maybe a trail of ectoplasm?

Tango and Steve had their comedic moments and I saw a brief glimpse of the old Ghost Hunters. All in all, while they have had better investigations, the show was entertaining.

Are you interested in learning more … take the haunted tour. Yes, they have a haunted tour.









Syfy or the paranormal channel?

victorian ghost41013

Syfy or the paranormal channel?

Tonight Syfy will give us a southern paranormal show called Deep South Paranormal. I’m stunned! Whatever happened to my idea for bikini ghost hunts? Oh well!

My fear would be that the show devolves into a fiasco bashing southerners and would go out of it’s way to present southerners in a bad light. I really don’t think that we need a Honey Boo Boo of the paranormal.

That being said, it looks as though the Syfy channel has decided to double down on it’s paranormal shows.  Ghost Mine has just been given the green light for another season. They will also create, or rerun, a show called Dead FamousDead Famous was a program that aired 2004-06 and attempted to contact dead celebrities. No word yet if it is a rehash of the same show or something new?

Joe Rogan Questions Everything will start July 16. As you can tell from the title Joe Rogan will investigate the paranormal.

/fnord I am off to my Illuminati meeting to gather more disinformation /fnord

Paranormal Geeks Radio

GeeksRadioLogoNEWESTweUSE copy

This week Paranormal Geeks Radio will host Paul Kimball.

In The Other Side of Truth, filmmaker Paul Kimball crosses the Rubicon of the imagination to explore the idea that what we call the “paranormal” is actually a form of performance art created by an advanced non-human intelligence to make us think about who we are, where we have been, and where we are going. Using his own journey of discovery as the backdrop, Kimball puts forward the “other side of truth” – the world not as we have been told it is, but as we are being encouraged to imagine it could become.

As always, Paranormal Geeks Radio is free and the show plays Tuesdays at 9pm ET at


Children in ParaTV

Look, I enjoy a paranormal TV show as much as the next paranormal geek, however, I draw the line when children are included.

bio casting call

For many of these kids, life is hard enough. They really don’t need the Bio channel splashing their story on the screen for it’s entertainment value.

As for me, I wont watch it!

Growing Up With Ghosts by Sharon Day

Sharon Day, author of “Ghost Hunting Theories” blog shares the unsettling accounts of her and her family’s experiences at the 250-year-old house they called home in Northern Virginia. The actively haunted estate had been used as a field hospital during the Civil War and left a lingering residue of haunting activity, apparitions, voices, object movement, and more. To the author, growing up there since she was a baby, the phenomena seemed quite normal and natural. It honed her desire to understand how and why hauntings occur and led her as an adult into the field of paranormal investigation.

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