Hallmark Harry Potter Ornaments and Tree Topper

I think that I hurt a friend’s feelings when she said that Harry Potter was her favorite book. I chuckled and reminded her that Potter was a middle-school book. I didn’t mean it the way it sounded … that just me … winning friends and influencing people.

Aside from my ability to open mouth and insert foot, I really do enjoy Harry Potter. I bought the books for my nephew and we went to the first showings at the theaters.

For those of you who want to add a little Potter magic to your Christmas, take a look at these Hallmark ornaments.

DVD: The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black

My birthday rolled around, and though I asked people to not send me gifts, I received a few birthday presents. Among those presents was the DVD of “The Woman in Black”, I will say that Sharon understands me. As for the others, if you have to give me something, maybe you should coordinate with each other before giving me a year’s supply of Earl Grey Tea.

Let me first admit my bias, I love Gothic horror, the Victorian era, and Hammer Films. That being said, as you might imagine, I loved “The Woman in Black”.

Daniel Radcliffe plays Arthur Kipps, a man who is tormented by the lost his wife. He is assigned to travel to Eel Marsh House to settle an estate. While in this isolated rural village, he is tasked to solve it’s ghostly curse.

I suppose what I liked most about it was that it had the feel of a Hammer Film Productions from the 60s. I felt a certain nostalgia watching The Woman in Black.  The weird vibe, as the movie slowly built, was perfect.  While I admit that I jumped a few times, the dark suspense was the most terrifying part of the picture.

I give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5.


Hogwarts is burning: Harry Potter’s first Deathly Hallows poster


Hogwarts is burning: Harry Potter's first Deathly Hallows poster We’re getting chills just looking at the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows one sheet. Especially with the creepy "It all ends here" tagline. Run, magical children, run!

Hogwarts is burning: Harry Potter’s first Deathly Hallows poster

Fire on Harry Potter set as ‘Hogwarts Castle’ burns | Mail Online


You could call it Harry Potter And The Studio Of Fire.

Film crew were forced to flee after a blaze destroyed a set on the latest movie about the boy wizard.

The drama happened when a special-effects explosion appears to have gone wrong during filming for a battle which marks the final scenes of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows.


A set for Hogwarts Castle was burned down, despite the efforts of six fire crews

A set for Hogwarts Castle – the school of wizardry where Harry and his friends learn magic – was burned down, despite the efforts of six fire crews. The damage is estimated at £100,000.

The ‘Battle of Hogwarts’ scenes involve Harry – played by Daniel Radcliffe – raising an army of students to defend the school from an attack by evil wizard Voldemort.


None of the cast was on set when the accident happened on Friday night at Leavesden film studios, near Watford in Hertfordshire. However, around 100 film crew were present.

Watford fire brigade commander Tony Smith said: ‘There is a big battle scene involving a lot of pyrotechnics and explosions. There is a mocked-up castle made of timber, steel and plastic – somehow it caught alight.’

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows is the final instalment of the Harry Potter film franchise. It will be in two parts and screened in 3D.

Fire on Harry Potter set as ‘Hogwarts Castle’ burns | Mail Online

Make: Online : The Magic Clock: an awesome Whereabout Clock


Thumbnail image for the_magic_clock_main.jpg


MAKE subscriber bumpercrop writes in to share this excellent Harry Potter-inspired whereabout clock, The Magic Clock. In the story, the clock is a magical item with hands that show the location of each family member. This beautifully constructed remake does the same, except that twitter feeds, a hacked router and a custom clock movement are used in place of unspecified magic. I love the attention to detail, especially the aged brass faceplate and homebrew clock movement that allows each hand to be controlled independently.

Make: Online : The Magic Clock: an awesome Whereabout Clock

The Book of Harry


How the boy wizard won over religious critics — and the deeper meaning theologians now see in his tale

The world of religion was not, at first, particularly enthusiastic about the arrival of the Potter boy.

For several years, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series topped the American Library Association’s lists of the most-challenged books (reasons cited in 2001: “anti-family, occult/Satanism, religious viewpoint, and violence”). Evangelical Protestants were skeptical: would the positive depiction of wizardry mislead children? And some Catholics were worried too, ranging from Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI), who warned that “subtle seductions” in the text could “corrupt the Christian faith,” to the Rev. Ronald A. Barker, a Wakefield priest who yanked the books from his parish school library.

But over the last several years, religion writers and thinkers have warmed to Harry – both Christianity Today, the evangelical magazine, and L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, have praised the latest film. The Christian Broadcasting Network, home of Pat Robertson, now features on its website a special section on “The Harry Potter Controversy,” with the acknowledgment, “Leading Christian thinkers have disparate views on the Harry Potter products, and how Christians should respond to them.”

At the same time, scholars of religion have begun developing a more nuanced take on the Potter phenomenon, with some arguing that the wildly popular series of books and films contains positive ethical messages and a narrative arc that is worthy of serious scholarly examination and even theological reflection. The scholars are primarily interested in what the books have to say about the two big issues that always preoccupy people of faith – morality and mortality – but some are also interested in what the series has to say about tolerance (Harry and friends are notably open to people and creatures who differ from them) and bullying, the nature and presence of evil in society, and the existence of the supernatural.

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Harry Potter breaks Hollywoods midnight ticket sales record [updated] | Company Town | Los Angeles Times

“Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince” conjured up $22.2 million in midnight ticket sales at 3,003 locations, according to Warner Bros., putting the popular boy-wizard movie on track for a record-breaking debut today and through the weekend.The sixth “Potter” film, which cost more than $400 million to make, market and release worldwide, shattered the $18.5-million-record midnight earnings of last years Batman blockbuster “The Dark Knight,” also produced and distributed by Warner Bros.

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