Fire on Harry Potter set as ‘Hogwarts Castle’ burns | Mail Online

  You could call it Harry Potter And The Studio Of Fire. Film crew were forced to flee after a blaze destroyed a set on the latest movie about the boy wizard. The drama happened when a special-effects explosion appears to have gone wrong during filming for a battle which marks the final scenes of... Continue Reading →

Make: Online : The Magic Clock: an awesome Whereabout Clock

  MAKE subscriber bumpercrop writes in to share this excellent Harry Potter-inspired whereabout clock, The Magic Clock. In the story, the clock is a magical item with hands that show the location of each family member. This beautifully constructed remake does the same, except that twitter feeds, a hacked router and a custom clock movement... Continue Reading →

The Book of Harry

How the boy wizard won over religious critics -- and the deeper meaning theologians now see in his tale The world of religion was not, at first, particularly enthusiastic about the arrival of the Potter boy. For several years, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series topped the American Library Association’s lists of the most-challenged books (reasons... Continue Reading →

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