Ghost Hunters: Ghost Mission

ghost mission1

Best lines in the program: Britt asks, “Do monks talk?” Britt to KJ, “I’m not going to have to give you mouth to mouth am I?” KJ replies, “Only if you want to.” Hmmm Jason may have to break you two up.

Do Monks talk — really Britt? Does Britt think? Am I to understand that Britt has “ghost hunted” this location to see ghosts and to scare the girls, but has never bothered to spend a few minutes to research this order of monks or any order of monks?

I’m happy to see that the GHI method of speaking English to non-English speaking entities is still in practice. While I was happy to see Josh Gates, a Spanish speaker like Jael might have been a better choice.

Steve freaks out after stepping on a towel that he thought was a dead animal. This throws some doubt on his earlier comments about hearing sounds that could not be animals because he didn’t see any animals. Well, it’s dark, you didn’t see the towel either.

Michelle Tate is a cute girl with an odd hair cut. For some reason she makes me think of Peter Pan. I’m sure that the camera men will enjoy following her upstairs for the obligatory butt shots.

I enjoyed seeing Josh Gates again and the ruins at the location were awesome. The San Juan Capistrano Mission is awesome, but outdoor investigations are really tough. Having said that, I think some members really didn’t put any effort into their investigation (Britt) and the lack of Spanish and native speakers was inexcusable. Let’s face it GH has the bucks to bring in some Spanish speakers — they just didn’t have enough pride in their job to do it. I can imagine that some paranormal groups would love to have a fraction of the GH money to spend on their investigations. I get the sense that these people really don’t love what they do anymore.

The evps collected were poor, ringing bells (did anyone bother to check with a local church?), shuffling sound (did anyone bother to contact an expert on local animal sounds?). One evp was described as Spanish but it couldn’t be understood which begs the question was it really Spanish (was it anything)?

Great location — disappointing effort.



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  1. Usually, when they get an investigation that produces so few results, they do it as a half hour. We got their regular editing that shows us Steve having a panic attack, shouting over noises, “I swear I saw a shadow over there”, and butt shots. I am looking forward to seeing what they get at Bartonville next week. In the preview, they referred to Dr. Zeller who headed up the asylum and did a lot to improve treatment and condition. Dr. Zeller personally reported on one of the most famous hauntings at Bartonville, a patient whose ghost attended his own funeral.

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