Syfy drops Ghost Hunters


Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen this one coming haven’t we?  Will this be the end of Ghost Hunters? I doubt it.

There is still a lot of interest in the paranormal and para-entertainment.If the Ghost Hunter show isn’t picked up by another channel, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it return as a special of some sort. Can you say Halloween special … How about books?   LMAO.

At any rate, I want to thank the Ghost Hunter franchise for the years of entertainment.

Lionsgate buys out Ghost Hunters

Lionsgate has reportedly bought a majority share of Pilgrim Studios for 200 million dollars. Is this the last squeeze of the Ghost Hunters orange? Did Pilgrim believe that the GH golden goose has no more golden eggs? What does this mean for the future of Ghost Hunters? I sense that the end is near …

BTW … Ghost Hunters has been picked up for another season starting 2016.

Ghost Hunters park in handicap space
Ghost Hunters park in handicap space

Robb Demarest to head up Syfy’s “Haunting: Australia”


With the future of Syfy channel’s Ghost Hunters in doubt, the Syfy channel is picking up an eight part show titled “Haunting:Australia”. Fans of paranormal shows will recognize the team leader, Robb Demarest, from his time on Ghost Hunters International.

So far, there is no news of when or if Ghost Hunters will return for another season. Having said that,”Haunting:Australia” will start on Syfy March 24 at 10 p.m..

Here is the Australian teaser…

Naked paranormal research

To some the phrase naked ghost hunting means to hunt without devices, but this casting agent wants ghost hunters who hunt naked. Maybe I should try out for this one…


“For this paranormal investigating show, we are putting a different spin on paranormal investigating and we are looking for people and/or teams that would be interested in taking paranormal investigating to the next level by doing it in the nude. This is the REAL NAKED & AFRAID! We will have different teams going to different haunted locations around the country,” Glickman said in the email.

Britt Griffith Fired Again


Another Ghost Hunter follows Adam Berry and Amy Bruni to the unemployment line … Britt Griffith. You may remember that Britt was fired from the now defunct Ghost Hunters International show only to return after a successful PR campaign.  I wonder if he will again flood twitter with tons of family pics?

At any rate, his off the cuff comments about guns, gays, and who’s show is faked more, has finally brought the curtain down on his ghost hunting career. Having said that, he’s come back before.

It should be interesting to see how Ghost Hunters continues with much of it’s cast missing.

Amy Bruni & Adam Berry cut from Ghost Hunters

AmybruniA friend once used the term “circling the drain” to refer to something (or someone) coming to it’s end. Having said that, I imagine that Ghost Hunters will add several more seasons/years to it’s life by cutting away expensive actors like Amy Bruni and Adam Berry.

Will they be replaced by “cheaper” actors? Will Jason simply pretend that they didn’t exist?  Rumor has it that Jason is scurrying around trying to find replacements. Maybe some old faces from failed para-shows might return. Don’t bet on it — they would be too expensive.

What of Bruni and Berry? There is talk of a “new” paranormal show starring the pair. I, for one, would be surprised to see a new show happen.

Circling the drain?


Burnin’ down the house … the haunted house that is

lebeaux plantI was saddened to learn of an historic site that was allegedly burned down by alcohol-fuel ghost hunters. The historic LeBeau Plantation survived for 160 years until destroyed by a fire caused (allegedly) by (alleged) paranormal investigators.

These so-called ghost hunters have been charged with burglary and arson. While the blame clearly lands on these alleged paranormal investigators, I wonder if they share all of the blame. Perhaps some of the blame belongs to paranormal TV shows like “Extreme Paranormal.”

lebeaux plant2In the episode “New Mexico State”, the Extreme Paranormal team set fire to the old penitentiary. I blogged about the show saying, “In its first episode, The boys go to New Mexico State. They display their “extreme” ghost hunting techniques by setting fire to the floor. […] Oh yes, I can just see the hordes of copy-cat paranormal investigators.” (link) Did paranormal TV influence our alleged fire bugs? Were they copy-cats or nothing more than vandals. I don’t know.

All I know is that firefighters risked their lives putting out a fire, and that an historic site was lost. Perhaps the mantra of any paranormal investigator should be “responsibility.”

The many dangers of ghost hunting

vintage ghost

While some ghost hunters may fear malevolent spirits during a ghost hunt, another danger may be the occasional BB-gun armed vigilante. As it turns out, a woman fed up with ghost hunting trespassers used a BB-gun on this group of paranormal thrill-seekers.

“Jessica stated that a female with blond hair (later identified as Amey) came out from the residence next to the tunnel and told them they needed to leave,” Lipe said. “As the male was getting back into the vehicle they observed some type of firearm in (Amey’s) hand. Jessica said she saw the female cocking the firearm, and as they drove off she (Amey) fired it at them, striking the rear of the vehicle.”


“Brandi stated that she had a Red Rider b.b. gun, and as the vehicle was leaving she pointed the gun and fired it at the vehicle, but she was unaware that she hit it,” Lipe stated in his report.


What do we learn from this? Use caution while investigating, look out for the living, be aware of your surroundings, get permission to investigate the location, and most importantly wear BB-proof body armor.

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