Monster Mash | Low Bass Singer Cover | Geoff Castellucci

Since Gnostalgia has been banned by Facebook, I decided to add this video to Facebook via Youtube ( ) and post this video here separately. Where there is a will —there’s a way. Bwahahahahaha …

At any rate, have a great Halloween holiday.

Crunchyroll and Funimation merge

Seems like a monopoly to me but Crunchyroll and Funimation have merged to the tune of nearly 1.2 Billion dollars.

These days, I haven’t really enjoyed much of the Fiction that I have been reading/watching. Maybe it’s just me or maybe a lot of what I’ve been watching is crap. That being said, I’ve turned my attention to anime.

My current favorite is Demon Slayer. A young man returns to his home and discovers that his family has been slain by demons and his sister is a demon. He joins the Demon Slayers in order to slay the demon who killed his family and to find a way to cure his sister. Fun horror and not politically correct, that being said, I’ve loved anime since I was a kid in Hawaii.

Let’s just hope that this merger doesn’t screw up my access to free ( or legal *cough* *cough* ) anime .

Natural Harmony: How did the Stonehenge Druids Measure the Landscape?

Natural Harmony: How did the Stonehenge Druids Measure the Landscape? | Ancient Origins (

What were the Proto-Druids up to at Stonehenge? Advances in GPS technology and other sophisticated mapping software allow their prehistoric surveying activities to be investigated in ways that were virtually impossible before the 21st century. In this article I discuss their spectacular measuring and construction activities across the Stonehenge Neolithic landscape, circa 3,500 – 3,000 BC.