Michelle Tate, Syfy’s new Ghost Hunter


2-Angels-Photo-0335It looks as though the Syfy channel’s  Ghost Hunters has added a new young female to it’s team, Michelle Tate. You may remember her from Ghost Hunters Academy were she placed second in the contest. Maybe she will last a little longer than Ashley Troub?

I guess this means that the cameramen will get to do their famous butt shots again.


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  1. hypnobarb says:

    Somebody has to wear skin tight clothing and I’d rather it not be Steve.

    1. christina says:

      Good point!!! 🙂

    2. That is a bad mental picture lol

      1. hypnobarb says:

        If watching Ghost Hunters is going to cause bad dreams, it should be about the ghosts and not Steve’s wardrobe.

  2. christina says:

    What happened to Ashley???

    1. She was officially demoted — off the show

    2. hypnobarb says:

      Sent back to the minors.

  3. eazy says:

    Love the camera butt shots.. Is that why Kris got sent to ghi for bitching about it??

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