In my mailbox: Keepers by Brenda Cooper

I want to thank the folks at Pyr  for the free review copy. It's always nice to find something in the mailbox other than bills. "Keepers" by Brenda Cooper Two sisters, one from a megacity and one from the wilderness, work together to protect the wilderness and the reintroduction of wolves from a group more... Continue Reading →


In my mailbox: The Last Sun

Pyr was kind enough to send me a copy of K.D. Edwards "The Last Sun" (The Tarot Sequence). Looks like I have some Summer reading. In this debut novel and series starter, the last member of a murdered House searches for a missing nobleman, and uncovers clues about his own tortured past. Rune Saint John,... Continue Reading →

In my mailbox: The Master Mason The Reason of Being

The Master Mason: The Reason of Being - A Treatise on the Third Degree of Freemasonry by Gregory B Stewart Hardcover: 194 pages Publisher: Greg Stewart ISBN-10: 0986204129 ISBN-13: 978-0986204128 BUY a copy Third in the journey of the Symbolic Lodge, The Master Mason is a formal exploration of the symbolism and allegory at work... Continue Reading →

In my mailbox: The Bardic Book of Becoming

I want to thank Weiser Books for the advance copy of "The Bardic Book of Becoming: An Introduction to Modern Druidry" by Ivan McBeth. You can expect to see this one at your favorite bookstore April 1st (no kidding). Amazon: The Bardic Book of Becoming is a warm, user-friendly, eclectic introduction to modern Druidry that invites... Continue Reading →

In my mailbox: The Elements of Spellcrafting

Another cool book landed in my mailbox today, The Elements of Spellcrafting: 21 Keys to Successful Sorcery by Jason Miller. I want to thank the publisher New Page Books for this free review copy and congratulate them on becoming a member of the Weiser Book company ( ). I'm just passionate about that company ...... Continue Reading →

In my mailbox: Secrets of Chinese Divination by Sasha Fenton

This week the good folks at Hampton Roads sent a free review copy of Sasha Fenton's book Secrets of Chinese Divination: A Beginner's Guide to 11 Ancient Oracle Systems. I'm looking forward to another cool book by Sasha Fenton. I've enjoyed reading her books Fortune Teller's Handbook and Fortune Telling by Tarot Cards: A Beginner’s Guide... Continue Reading →

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