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The musings of Barry, the absinthe minded professor.
The musings of Barry, the absinthe minded professor.
The title of  this blog is based on the word Gnosis (from the Greek word for knowledge). While I am not a Gnostic, I like to try to think in an out-of-the-box gnostic style.
I am a Floridian with a BA in the Humanities Interdisciplinary program (History, Religion, and Philosophy). Needless to say, much of what you read on this site will fall into those categories. From time to time, I will comment on popular culture.


I review books (and products) on a myriad of topics. If you have a book that you would like me to review please take a moment to read my Review policy. I wish that I had time to accept all request but there isn’t enough time in the day. Having said that, a product review is usually a quick review.
I have reviewed items as diverse as games, DVDs, and even a lei from Hawaii. I have an interest in green-tech, new-age products, gardening, and items related to spirituality. I also tackle book-related items from Kindle accessories to book covers.


I’m a fan of steampunk and hope to build a steampunk set for video reviews in the future. Along with reading, gardening, dabbling in the kitchen, I enjoy old B scifi and horror movies (love old Hammer movies) and Masterpiece mystery. With all of that said, I also enjoy some of the various paranormal TV programs. However, in my case, I see them as little more than entertainment. I view those programs in a very skeptical fashion.

Authors, publishers, and PR requesting reviews can reach me at: anamchara (at) gmail.com …Please take a moment with my review policy to see if we are a good match.


This is a personal weblog.  My opinions are mine alone and not those of my employer.

From time to time, my opinions may change. Remember, what you are reading is a snap shot in time of an open-minded person. If you don’t like what I said don’t kick the dog or yell at your spouse just leave a comment.

Please make it a pg13 comment with no profanity or name calling. If you want it to be read by anyone other than me.

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