Ghost.Hunters S09E03 Prescription for Fear

I’ll give the Ghost Hunters one thing; they know how to make an interesting show title. With their ratings in decline, the GH crew needed something to revive interest in the GH franchise. Instead, they investigate another closed Asylum.

The Peoria Asylum is looking for some

… sound investors (local or international) and interested partners to join with us thus allowing the introduction of this amazing location to the world. We will gladly provide more information to “qualified” investors. (link)

I’m not sure what a “qualified” investor is, but after announcing that Jay and Grant are selling the Spaulding Inn, I wonder if Jay will be “qualified.”

The investigation begins as usual with a breakdown of the alleged phenomena and eyewitness accounts woven into Jay’s monologue. I found the new location interesting, but I really wanted to hear some hard challenges to the eyewitnesses and some healthy skepticism. Once again we are treated to GH’s staged driving scenes complete with examples of how not to drive. Jay both hands on the wheel, you talk with your mouth not your hands.

taps driving1

I found the window picture taken by a guest (I wonder if he was a “qualified” guest?), but I wonder if I am looking at an imperfection in a window screen and the play of light on the wall? Is this a case of matrixing?


The image of Steve rolling Jay around in a wheelchair gave me an uncomfortable thought of the future of GH. I hope that there was more to Britt and KJ’s attempt to investigate the image in the window than what we saw. I can’t believe that someone didn’t try to stand at the same location as the photographer. Simply walking into the same room and standing in the location is half-assed investigation and really gives the impression that they don’t really care about what they are doing. Britt and KJ captured an image of someone walking in the woods, but it could have been Bobo from Finding Bigfoot for all we know. If it was anything, wouldn’t the GH folks have an independent analysis?


The line from Jason that “we’re here to help — that’s all that matters” made me laugh. It shouldn’t have, but it did.

I’m not sure that it was a prescription for fear, but it certainly was a prescription for Zzzzzzzzz.