It’s official … my Kindle is dead


I called the help-desk, while they were very nice, they didn’t help. They confirmed that it was a hardware failure but my Kindle was about 3 months beyond warranty. They offered 15 bucks toward a new one and later upped the number to 20 bucks. In all honesty, I don’t think I want another Amazon product.

I think Amazon could have done a lot better if they wanted too.

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”
― Mark Twain

Discussions around the breakfast table

IMG_20170409_091440 (1)

It was that time again when we gather around the table for Sunday breakfast. Willy brought up the  topic of the Confessional. I wonder if it was purely academic or if he wanted to get something off his chest? Later we talked about Sharon and I told them, that I replied to one of her emails, asking if she would like to hear the story of “The Little Engine That Could”.  I think that the general consensus of the family is that she will never speak to me again. What can I say, I thought it was funny and I love Major Payne’s version of the story.

The breakfast was enjoyed by all but I believe no one enjoyed it as much as Peppy. Everyone gave the little dog a portion of their breakfast and he , of course, got his own bowl. He is currently sleeping off the breakfast binge a couple of feet away from me.

My Kindle has been goofing up. It doesn’t recharge very quickly and it’s unusually hot. It doesn’t show up when I plug it into my computer and I’m afraid that it may be dying. Oh well, there is always paper books.

Another Sunday… have a great day everyone.

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” Robert Frost

A Pooka

A paw, a white paw, it was a rabbit and nothing more
or so she told herself as she dashed to her bedroom door.
A glimpse of white or was it the evening mist?
Was it the fear of a rabbit or the fear of her tryst?

Again she drew up her courage and sought out her rendezvous
in the cool misty forest where the apple trees grew.
Was that her lover among the greenwoods or a Pooka in disguise?
She couldn’t tell and discretion belongs to the wise.

Once again she dashed for the safety of her room.
Was she afraid of a rabbit, the forest, or the gloom?
Pooka was that you, are you testing or tormenting me?
Did you place fear in my heart and cause me to flee?

A whisper replied in the still of the night,
“don’t seek out love until you feel it is right.”

In my mailbox: A Little Book of Mystical Secrets

1490720195810A special thank you to the good folks at Hampton Roads Publishing who sent me a copy of A Little Book of Mystical Secrets: Rumi, Shams of Tabriz, and the Path of Ecstasy. It’s always a thrill to find a surprise in the mailbox ( okay, that’s not always true ). A Little Book of Mystical Secrets by Maryam Mafi will be available April Fools Day — I’m not kidding.

At long last, an accessible little book that focuses on the teachings of Rumi’s teacher and inspiration, Shams of Tabriz. Included in this slim, charming volume is a biographical sketch of the great Sufi teacher and mystic and a new translation of 500 of his core teachings that bring into fresh focus the meaning and mysteries of life and love.

5154r2btkt2bl-_sy346_There are many books on Rumi and many translations of his works and yet most readers are unaware of how Rumi became a mystic. Shams, an Arabic word that means the sun, was the catalyst that converted the rather resolute and ascetic Rumi, the cleric and teacher, into Rumi, the passionate disciple of the religion of love. He was the agent of the propulsive mystical energy that transformed Rumi the reticent into Rumi the ecstatic poet.

Rumi lovers, spiritual seekers, and devotees of the mystical path will meet this little book of wisdom and mystical secrets with enthusiasm.

I shall not place you in my heart
For you may get hurt by its wounds.
I won’t keep you in my eyes
For I may belittle you and
expose you to the ridicule of common men.
I will hide you inside my soul, not in my heart or in my eyes,
so that you may become one with my breath.

Another day another book


It was a quiet Sunday. The family popped over for Sunday breakfast. Willy gave me a game — Neverwinter Nights. It should be a good escape when my internet isn’t up to snuff. The kid has a good heart.

51mut-4jzyl-_sy346_I just finished reading Hygge: 25 Secrets From The Danish Art of Happiness, Getting Cozy And Living Well. I’ll have a review up soon. I enjoyed it.

It has been a quiet evening. Other than my next-door neighbor, there isn’t a house-light burning on my street. Shhhhhhhhhhhh… The noisiest sound is Peppy snoring.

I’m watching Columbo on MeTV and letting the day wind down.

Another day…

Time change

calendar-300I hate the time change … I really mean I hate it.

This morning the family showed up at what I thought was an hour early. Damn time change. I’m usually on it but it got pass me this time.

As I said, the family gathered for breakfast. Despite her thyroid surgery Thursday, Darlene was looking very good. I do hope that she rests this week.

51lkijsb6-lI am currently reading Song of the Ancients  by Sandy Wright. I am enjoying it so far. Having said that, my Kindle is goofing up and I can’t get my ebooks. Yet another reason to keep paper books.

I’ve reviewed Judgment of Blood and Black City Demon both were excellent. I tweaked the blog after noticing that some of my menu items were missing. Well some of the pages need updating anyway.

I didn’t give out a CROW award last year but I will certainly pick out some good books ( and maybe products? ) this year.

It’s almost noon … time for lunch. Damn time change…


My desktop and the morning

Screenshot (24)
I’m using Calibre ( ) for my ebook reading. Between you and me, I am not a big fan of ebooks ( I like a REAL book in my hands ) but the price of an ebook is right.

judgementofbloodI’ll have a review of “Judgment of Blood” ( ) soon. I will say — awesome.

It’s a cool, wet morning and the coffee is perfect. Looks like the Wisteria on the back-porch is beginning to bloom and the Azaleas in the front-yard are doing their thing. I have a few tomatoes sprouting in a pot so I may have some fresh tomatoes this year.

Shark repellent fails on first try

Why is it always my home state of Florida? Why?

At any rate, people — magical magnets will not repel sharks, cure your arthritis, or decrease your body odor. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is …

“I got this for Christmas,” Zack said, showing us the green plastic band that looks like a watch with no face, “It is a shark band and it was supposed to keep sharks away and the first time I wore it, and I go surfing a lot, but the first time I wore it- I get bit.”

If you really want something that works, you need a ju ju bag.


Why I hate Windows

book-1851268_960_720I use Windows and Manjaro Linux. I have in the past used several Linux OS’ and I’ve used Windows since Windows 3.1. I don’t just dislike what Windows has become — I hate it.

This morning, I sat down with my coffee to check my emails. My computer seemed a little slow but my emails eventually arrived. I decided to boot up my favorite MMO Guild Wars 2 and it failed to connect. How odd? On my third try, I finally connected to Guild Wars and noticed a little lag. The little lag turned into “completely frozen”.  The culprit Windows was updating.

Windows had sucked the life out of my bandwidth with “no” warning. At least with Manjaro  tells me that updates are available and I download my updates when I want them.  Come on Windows, you can do better than that …