The snakes in Maine stay mainly in the …

This one is for my blog-buddy Debby who lives in the state of Maine. Like my home-state of Florida, Maine has a large “something” slithering around. In my case, most of the slithering things are politicians but we do have an equally large assortment of reptiles. The locals of Maine have managed to find a large snake skin along the Presumpscot River.

My guess is that it is an escaped exotic pet that sadly will not survive the Maine winter. Of course, it may be Maine’s sea serpent Cassie?  All I can say is thank gawd it wasn’t one of those damn Pokemon.



In my mailbox: The English Magic Tarot


I want to thank the people at Weiser Books for this free review copy of “The English Magic Tarot”. I’ll do a booktube video of this card-set next week.

This captivating new tarot deck draws us into the vibrant but often hidden world of English magic, evoking a golden age of mysticism when John Dee was Queen Elizabeth’s Court Astrologer, antiquarian John Aubrey rediscovered ancient sacred sites, and the great physicist Isaac Newton studied alchemy.

The English Magic Tarot places the cards in the colorful yet turbulent period of English history that stretches from the time of Henry VIII to the Restoration. During this time of upheaval archetypal forces were very much at play, making this a perfect setting for the cards. Brought to you by renowned artist Rex Van Ryn, colorist Steve Dooley, and writer Andy Letcher, this deck has a dynamic, graphic style. There are unique twists to some of the traditional images, with riddles, references, and lore buried within them that will draw users ever deeper into the mystery and meaning of the cards.

The first deck of its kind to draw explicitly on the English magical tradition, The English Magic Tarot opens up a rich new pathway into the cards that will delight novice and experienced tarot users alike.


My booktube of Totem Animals, Plain & Simple

“Animals are not only beholders of great beauty, but they are also beholders of ancient wisdom.” —Molly Friedenfeld

The idea of spirit guides speaking through animals and birds dates back to ancient times. Today, if we’re open to watching and listening to our totem animals, we can develop beneficial relationships withthem. We can also recognize that when a totem animal appears to us in a special way, it’s offering insight into what’s happening in our lives.

This helpful book will give you a greater understanding of more than 60 totem animals and their unique meanings in an A to Z encyclopedic listing, lead you through the steps for accessing a chosen spirit, and help you explore the role of animal spirits in cultures around the world.

Also included are chapters on:

  • Totem Animals Around the World
  • Your Totem Animal
  • Working with Your Totem Animal
  • Strengthening Your Connection to Your Totem Animal
  • Your Child’s Totem Animal

This user-friendly guide is practical and accessible and offers insight and wisdom for daily life.

A color edition of this title was briefly available from Sterling in the North American market in 2010.

Celia Gunn lived in British Columbia for 18 years studying Native American lore. She now lives in England.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Hampton Roads Books. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Review: Your Haunted Lives Revisited: Terrifying true stories of Ghosts, Hauntings and the Paranormal – Book 2

Your Haunted Lives Revisited: Terrifying true stories of Ghosts, Hauntings and the Paranormal – Book 2
by G. Michael Vasey

Product description:

Your Haunted Lives – Revisited, edited by G. Michael Vasey, is the second collection of creepy, often downright terrifying, true experiences of the paranormal submitted by visitors to the My Haunted Life Too website ( and it is the follow up to the supernatural Amazon hit – Your Haunted Lives.

It features a foreword by International Medium – Andy Hopkins, to create just the right ghostly atmosphere.

This collection of over 40+ Real Life Ghost Stories are true tales of ‘Horrifying Encounters’ with the Supernatural and paranormal. They include tales of visits from terrifying entities, creepy haunted houses, strange and scary poltergeists, attempted possession, Ouija board nightmares, evil demonic forces, haunted cemeteries, haunted places and much, much more. They will chill you to the bone! These are supplemented with true stories of the editor’s own strange and scary experiences.

This terrific, terrifying collection of true spooky stories of the supernatural will keep you looking over your shoulder and wide awake…

My thoughts:

The stories are brief, usually only about a page or so, and they contain very little information for you to figure out what might be causing the “paranormal” experience.  That being said, for the most part, the stories are good fun for a stormy night. Occasionally, I cried out bullshit after reading some of these tales and others made me laugh,”Peeing Ghost” but if nothing else I found the tales to be entertaining.

Reading this reminds me of some of the late-night “bull” sessions with friends at the dinner-table. If you are looking for some ghostly entertainment, consider picking up a copy. I give “Your Haunted Lives Revisited” 3 stars out of 5.

Adult Halloween Taking Back the Season by Sharon Day

Adult Halloween Taking Back the Season by Sharon Day

Halloween isn’t just a day, it’s a whole season and adults love it just as much as kids! This book, “Adult Halloween: Taking Back the Season!” by Sharon Day is an extensive guide for reclaiming the season adult style. It covers how to live Halloween every day, how to make it more horrifying, goth, nostalgic, and sexy. It includes guides on how to challenge your fears, drink and movie pairings, carving, talking to the dead, urban exploration, country fairs, spooky photography, phobia theater, yard haunt tips, recipes and more. If you are already a big kid about the Halloween season, this book will help you launch into a new level of terror and celebration – adult style!

Who ya gonna call?

When things went bump in the night, Hugh Grant knew who to call — a ghostbuster. One of Hugh’s children complained of seeing a ghost so a ghostbuster was called in to exorcise it. As it turns out, the results were not satisfactory, the child continues to see the ghost outside his window.

Grant refers to the experience as “a load of b*llocks.”

Oh well, Grant has had worse moments…


In my mailbox: Angels and Tarot, oh my…

The mailman managed to wad my books into the mailbox with the skill of an origami expert. Today I received ( ) Angels, Plain & Simple: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need, and ( )Tarot Triumphs: Using the Marseilles Tarot Trumps for Divination and Inspiration. Both books will be available September 1st. I can’t wait to dig into these books!

I want to thank Hampton Roads and Weiser Books for the free advanced review copies. You guys are awesome!

Picture 4Angels, Plain & Simple: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need

Throughout time, people of many cultures and religions have believed in angels. Now Beleta Greenaway brings you closer to these wonderful beings in this delightful guide. She shares some of her own experiences with angels and describes how you can make your own connections with them, whether through meditation, in dreams, using decks of special cards, or by other means.

Greenaway covers the entire angelic realm. Included here are:

  • Encounters with angels
  • Angels in the modern world
  • Angelic herbs and plants
  • How to work with angels
  • Angels, animals, and heaven
  • Angels in the Afterlife

This is for anyone who is interested in angels, who wants a little supernatural help, and/or who wants a glimpse of the vast array of other worldly forces and beings that inhabit the universe.

Picture 5Tarot Triumphs: Using the Marseilles Tarot Trumps for Divination and Inspiration 

Focusing on the major arcana, or trumps, of the Marseilles Tarot, the aim of this book is to encourage the reader to experience the tarot in a direct, fresh, and uncluttered way.

Key points:

  • Focuses on the 22 trumps, or the major arcana of the tarot
  • Offers advice on how to study each card and find its unique significance
  • Provides instructions for laying out and reading the cards
  • Explores the tarot in terms of history, divination, symbolism, and esoteric traditions

This exploration of the major arcana includes “The Fool’s Mirror,” a new method for laying the cards out, as well as hints for using the tarot to gain deeper levels of awareness. Cherry Gilchrist offers ways to approach each card, absorb it, and understand its essence. Readers are encouraged to relate this essence to personal experience as the most enduring and rewarding way to prepare for reading the cards.