Review: The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records

The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records

Barry’s score 3 stars out of 5

Product description:

The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records is an extraordinary book filled with unparalleled tools for transformation. Accessing the Akashic Records is one of the most powerful paths to self-awareness and personal change currently available. Lisa carefully and lovingly guides you through the Akashic Knowing Wisdom Prayer System, a five-step system with three vibrational keys to directly and easily access your Akashic Record. You will also become skilled at:

  • The art of formulating questions to receive life-enhancing answers.
  • Releasing karma, soul contracts, and vows that bind you to negative life patterns.
  • Gaining clarity about personal situations by practicing exercises.
  • Learning new healing tools from the Akashic Lords to assist you in further releasing old issues and aligning with your life purpose.Author Lisa Barnett has gathered all her most successful techniques, strategies, shortcuts, and wisdom into this one book so you can do it yourself–anytime, anywhere.

My thoughts:

While I loved Smith and Shaw’s “Do It Yourself Akashic Wisdom” (link), I didn’t really warm up to Barnett’s The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records. Barnett’s approach seemed to me to be too structured and ritualistic. For example,  she says that you must use your “legal name” to fully access your Akashic records. I can see using her prayers as inspiration, but reading her prayers and inserting your legal name just doesn’t feel right to me. She also says no  alcohol within 8 to 12 hours of an attempt to access your Akashic records — so much for that glass of wine.  I spoke to a psychic, who I respect, and she disagreed with Barnett’s approach. To each his own … I suppose.

The book is slow to build, the first chapter feels like one of those internet ads for a “simple trick to …” but it never tells you the simple trick.  Eventually, we land on an ad for  Barnett’s 4-part training course complete with website address.  I looked them up on the web and the prices of the courses varied between $350 to $450.

That being said, the book is an easy read.  The 4 chapters have a pleasant and positive vibe to them and it was an interesting read. I don’t think that I would recommend it for your home library, but it would be something to check out at the library. I give The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records 3 stars out of 5.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this ebook free from New Page Books. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Review: The Lee Avenue Haunting

The Lee Avenue Haunting: 2nd Edition- Re-edited and extra chapter
by Donna Parish-Bischoff

*Review posted on Amazon*

Product description:
Donna Parish-Bischoff is one of the Co-Founders of Indy Para, a team of Paranormal Investigators who tells of her new book’s haunted tale called The Lee Avenue Haunting.
Nowadays it seems everyone has a ghost story to tell, share or explore. One in particular that is a good one was written by a native New Yorker who lives in upstate, New York, with her husband.
Donna Parish-Bischoff is one of the Co-Founders of Indy Para, a team of Paranormal Investigators that we see much of today. They have been featured on two episodes of The BIO Channel’s My Ghost Story for covering some investigations at Miss Fanny’s Victorian Party House in Wappingers Falls, New York and the Patchett House located in Montgomery, New York.
Donna talks about her own ghost story in the book called ‘The Lee Avenue Haunting’ as it’s second edition was released April 17th of this year. In that edition the author has included some photo’s and an additional chapter taking you on her journey meeting the current owner’s of the home she grew up in. She took on a new editor, Christopher DiCesare, as well. He’s known for his film and book ‘Please Talk With Me’ and later this year to be released ‘Surviving Evidence.’
The Lee Avenue Haunting tells of a story from 1974 when Donna and her family moved into this home that was built in the early 1900’s as it was once a vacant farmland lot. Unknown to their family it was riddled with its shadow people and secret’s of the past. These dark passages entered their lives early into the move.
Some would have called Donna’s family insane for staying as long as they did. Donna says, “You see we did not have a choice financially. Our family was a family of means, struggling on left-over’s and a prayer. Back in the 1970’s some landlords gave five year leases. And we could not afford to move nor could we tell our landlord the home was running rampant with multiple entities keeping us up all night as well as punching its way into our physical universe.”
Donna explains that “I decided to write about our collective family experience’s throughout the five years because I knew as a now paranormal investigator, being I have co-founded my own team Indy Para along with Terri Garofalo, that I could talk about it. It was my responsibility to let others know they aren’t alone out there. Another reason I wanted to write the book was to honor my deceased parent’s and brother. My brother and I always spoke about writing the book about Lee Avenue. He became ill with cancer and passed way before his time in 2010. My sister illustrated the cover art work and I wrote the story for our family.”
Donna feels that “What once emotionally destroyed me as a child witnessing these almost demonic entities has re-built me from the inside out and has given me a re-gained faith and strength in the afterlife now as an adult.” Her second book “Growing Up Paranormal,” is due out Fall of 2013. It further explores the author’s life as well as other live’s who have submitted their experiences. Donna says that, “We all have a common thread, I hope ‘Growing Up Paranormal’ proves this to show how much we all have to share with each other.”
Over the past years many have come forward to talk about their experiences as due to the upsurge in cable television shows has prompted the high interest again since the days of In Search Of, the first real reality show on air. As with the outpouring of ghost stories so there is of books on the subject matter. However, they are not all good and I am pleaseed to direct my readers and fans to Donna’s. Click here to watch a video of an interview with Donna Parish-Bischoff

My thoughts:

It’s a small book and you’ll burn through this one pretty quickly. Having said that, I love the personal anecdotes from the 1970’s. Are the stories true? Well, thats for you to decide.

As for me, I loved reading about the events, in the early life of a person, that directed her to a lifelong persuit of the paranormal. I have to admit that I got goose bumps with a couple of these stories.

All in all, it’s an awesome book. I give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

*Review posted on Amazon*

The Victorian Gazing Ball: A Steampunk Persective

Originally posted on Cogpunk Steamscribe:

Is there anything quite as magical as a mirror? A mirror contains a whole universe trapped in a film of silver paint, reflecting, reversing, and distorting reality. Everything you see in a mirror is a trick of the light. Thanks to scientific advances in the Victorian era of Industrialization, there were new methods for mass-producing large, flat panes of glass and new methods for chemical-coating those same panes, so that glass mirrors became easily available and much more affordable. And so there was a fashion for using mirrors as decoration and not just for their invaluable assistance with keeping tidy and checking for food in your teeth. Gazing Balls, also known as Gazing Globes or Orbs, were considered a fashionable  and amusing addition to both the Victorian home and garden.

What made these gazing balls popular was the way they distorted their surroundings, as well as the beautiful way they dispersed light into…

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Star Trek: City on the Edge of Forever

Star Trek: City on the Edge of Forever

As many of you know, I love scifi and as a child Star Trek was my gateway drug into the marvelous world of scifi. One of my favorite Authors is the loveable curmudgeon Harlan Ellison. Knowing that, it should come as no surprise that the story “City on the Edge of Forever” was a big hit with me. What some Trek fans may not know is that Ellison’s story was altered ( due to the drug angle of the story ) when developed into the Trek episode of the same name. This graphic novel provides us with a more Ellison-version of the well-known episode.


The artwork is fantastic. Ellison’s story is actually better than the original TV episode. Having said that, I missed the stone circle and the drugs looked like something from the game Bejeweled. I give it 5 stars out of 5 and recommend it for the Trek, scifi, and Ellison fans.

What is Barry reading?

I received a very kind email asking me for my opinion about a book. She also commented about making an advanced order of that book but wanted to know if I planned to review it. Sadly, that book isn’t on my radar. Having said that, I am going to suggest something that many publishers will not like. Don’t pre-order your books.

I can understand the temptation to pre-order a book, believe me I’ve been there. That being said, give the reviewers a chance to review the books.  I think you’ll get a better bang for the buck knowing what to expect before spending your hard-earned cash.

Check out a few reviews and make an informed choice…

What am I reading?

  1. Seeing Beyond Illusions by David Cowan
  2. The Essential Guide to Possession, Depossession, & Divine Relationships by Diana Paxson
  3. The Flame in the Cauldron by  Orion Foxwood *finished review pending*
  4. The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records by Lisa Barnett

I love you guys … stay warm … and don’t pre-order.

Expedition Unknown S01E06 Viking Sunstone

There was a time when I was very critical of Josh Gates and his methods. I really didn’t “get” his humor and I thought that it may not be taken in the best way by the various cultures. As time rolled by, I gave his show “Destination Truth” a chance and learned to love it. Gates has a new show, “Expedition Unknown’, which is very much like “Destination Truth”. In this episode, “Viking Sunstone”, Gates explores the myth of the Viking sunstone. Having some “Norman/North-man” lineage, I enjoyed every minute of it. I would love to have been on this adventure, though I may have passed on the herring.

Book and product reviews with a steampunk twist


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