A year with Manjaro Linux

It’s hard to believe but a year has gone by and I continue to use Manjaro Linux. I’ve tried a variety of Linux programs, and sometimes I’m tempted by other distributions, but I am still floored by the simplicity of Manjaro’s XFCE.


My biggest Manjaro limitations are not with Manjaro but the old computer itself. This computer was an old Windows Vista-era computer and Manjaro has given it a new life. That being said, I have to remind myself that it is an old computer when something doesn’t work.

I’m using Firefox as my browser because Chrome is a little too Ram hungry. With Firefox I can surf pretty much as long as I want to. As for gaming, I use my Windows 10 system because my choices are limited with Linux.

Who knows what I may try next year Arch, Antergos?

In my mailbox

This week I received another cool book from the Weiser Books folks, The Key of Solomon the King.

A magical grimoire of sigils and rituals for summoning and mastering spirits, The Key of Solomon the King is the most famous, or infamous, of all magick books. It has influenced everything from the revival of magick and the Western Mystery Traditions (tarot, alchemy, astrology, etc.) to fictional works such as Lovecraft’s The Necronomicon.

Purported to have been penned by King Solomon himself, the book provides instruction for incantations, rituals, and sigils used to call upon and control spirits and demons. Those practicing magick have used it extensively through the centuries, but its true origins and purpose have been lost in the mists of time.

No library of the contemporary occult student or practicing magician is complete without this tome. It remains a standard of esoteric lore by which others are measured. This edition includes a new foreword by noted esoteric scholar Joseph Peterson.


My review of The Witches Almanac issue #36

The theme of Issue 36 (Spring 2017-Spring 2018) is Water: Our Primal Source, and among our lineup of obscurities is Waynaboozhoo – The Great Flood Story of the Ojibwa, Sweet Madness – One Honey of a Mysterious Tale, Drums That Talk – The Sacred Rhythms of Yorubaland, The Fathomless Mystery of the Sea, and Kitchen Magic — Glögg.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from The Witches’ Almanac (http://thewitchesalmanac.com/) and Weiser Books. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

English Magic Tarot


This captivating new tarot deck draws us into the vibrant but often hidden world of English magic, evoking a golden age of mysticism when John Dee was Queen Elizabeth’s Court Astrologer, antiquarian John Aubrey rediscovered ancient sacred sites, and the great physicist Isaac Newton studied alchemy.

The English Magic Tarot places the cards in the colorful yet turbulent period of English history that stretches from the time of Henry VIII to the Restoration. During this time of upheaval archetypal forces were very much at play, making this a perfect setting for the cards. Brought to you by renowned artist Rex Van Ryn, colorist Steve Dooley, and writer Andy Letcher, this deck has a dynamic, graphic style. There are unique twists to some of the traditional images, with riddles, references, and lore buried within them that will draw users ever deeper into the mystery and meaning of the cards.

The first deck of its kind to draw explicitly on the English magical tradition, The English Magic Tarotopens up a rich new pathway into the cards that will delight novice and experienced tarot users alike. Learn more by visiting http://www.englishmagictarot.com.


Former ‘Paranormal State’ star Ryan Buell arrested

rbarrestI hope that this man gets some help soon.

Former “Paranormal State” star Ryan Buell has been arrested in South Carolina. Buell was arrested on September 18 and is currently being held in the Florence County Jail on a detainer f…

Source: Former ‘Paranormal State’ star Ryan Buell arrested