Book Review Policy


If you are interested in a book or product review at Gnostalgia, please contact me  at   or  . I do not accept any compensation for my reviews other than the book or product being reviewed.

I try to give a fair review. My interest leans toward steampunk, speculative fiction, historic fiction, and spirituality.  That being said, I have an eclectic taste in books and I’ll read almost anything.

I will try to read your book within two weeks, although, that can vary due to the size of my reading queue. I prefer a physical copy, but I do accept ebooks (epubs and pdfs). I usually copy the positive reviews to Goodreads and Amazon. I will copy a negative review to those sites at the request of the author or publisher.

I read between 50 to 70 books a year so I can not accept all book review requests, or promise to review unsolicited review copies. Having said that, I will post that I have received a copy of your book or product.

Thank you …


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