Starbucks Barista joins Ghost Hunters

A Starbucks Barista, Ashley Troub, will join the Ghost Hunters team Sept. 26th in the episode “Don’t Feed the Apparitions”. Ashey lists her education on Facebook (link) as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is a freelance makeup artist and a member of the East Ventura Paranormal Society.

I imagine that a former barista will come in handy during those late night investigations. Fortunately for Ashley, she has Steve and Tango from the now defunct Ghost Hunters Academy to train her.  I guess that Pilgrim and Syfy couldn’t bring in someone from the Ghost Hunters International show because that would admit that GHI has been cancelled.

Personally, I would have preferred an adult woman but I understand why GH feels the need to sex the show up. I suspect the the show will become more … ahem… entertaining.

Author: Barry Huddleston

Your steampunk lodge of the retro-future

7 thoughts on “Starbucks Barista joins Ghost Hunters”

  1. I probably shouldn’t comment but (sigh), with all the legitimate and fantastic investigators in the field who call TAPS their buddies and the many resources they have to work with for a real team member of true value to research, they go for this woman? Jumping the shark. Definitely.

  2. I believe if right Bout sex appeal amys pregnant and leaving possibly not coming back(u never know). They need someone who has sex appeal . With everyone that taps now I feel someone older prob would have fit in well then someone younger . It is a tv show after all.

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