Michelle Tate, Syfy’s new Ghost Hunter

2-Angels-Photo-0335It looks as though the Syfy channel’s  Ghost Hunters has added a new young female to it’s team, Michelle Tate. You may remember her from Ghost Hunters Academy were she placed second in the contest. Maybe she will last a little longer than Ashley Troub?

I guess this means that the cameramen will get to do their famous butt shots again.


Starbucks Barista joins Ghost Hunters

A Starbucks Barista, Ashley Troub, will join the Ghost Hunters team Sept. 26th in the episode “Don’t Feed the Apparitions”. Ashey lists her education on Facebook (link) as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is a freelance makeup artist and a member of the East Ventura Paranormal Society.

I imagine that a former barista will come in handy during those late night investigations. Fortunately for Ashley, she has Steve and Tango from the now defunct Ghost Hunters Academy to train her.  I guess that Pilgrim and Syfy couldn’t bring in someone from the Ghost Hunters International show because that would admit that GHI has been cancelled.

Personally, I would have preferred an adult woman but I understand why GH feels the need to sex the show up. I suspect the the show will become more … ahem… entertaining.

Season 2 of Ghost Hunters Academy

Natalie voted off

This season’s cadets are Adam Berry, Brett McGinnis, Daniel Hwang, Eric Baldino, Michelle Tate, Natalie Poole, Rosalyn Brown, and Vera Martinez. Of course, it begs the question, what happened to Ben Smith and Chris Smith? They were supposed to return for season two. Perhaps they will appear later in the season; but, my guess is that they were simply dropped from the show.

The cadets are older (some are in their thirties) and more professional looking and the show has a better structure.  A couple of cadets are picked to move to the next round and the rest of the cadets vote someone off the team, or as I like to say, rip each other apart like a pack of wild dogs.  It seems odd to preach teamwork and then have your team turn on each other, but what do I know about paranormal research.

The team traveled to Waverly Hills Sanatorium. They managed to pick up some evps. Natalie wandered away from the group a couple of times. Of course, I have to wonder if the camera man follows you and the rest of the group doesn’t who strayed from the group? Did the group stray or did Natalie stray?

At any rate, the cadets turned on Natalie and she was voted off the show. Jason Hawse came off looking like the bully so many people believe him to be. He chewed out Daniel Hwang when Daniel was indecisive about his vote. Hawse bullied him with a “maybe you should be the one to go.” Maybe we should call him Attila the Hawse.

One episode was enough for me, I wont be following up on Ghost Hunters Academy 2. I suspect that it will be the same thing in every show. One cadet will stumble with the equipment or there will be personality problems leading to the rest of the team voting that person off the show. Hawse will continue to bully people and cadets will leave in tears.

On the plus side, this frees up my Wednesday nights.

GH and GHA have there season finales

The Ghost Hunters crew visited the site of the Hindenburg crash. Sadly, thats about all that they did. They only briefly visited the actual site of the crash. The investigation actually took place about  1/2 mile away in hangar one. I know, I don’t understand it either.

Jason and Grant chased a shadow person that no one else saw and was not captured on the FLIR. They also managed to smell some sewer gas and find some equipment under a sheet. Dustin thought something got into his precious hair. Not to be out done by Jason and Grant, Dustin and Britt also gave chase to a shadow above them.

 Perhaps the highlight of the evening was when the cameraman gave us a nice shot of Kris’ behind as she and Amy climbed some stairs. I guess that the ratings must be slipping. The girls believe that they heard a cough and saw a light go out.

In the end, there was not very much to this episode.

Ghost Hunters Academy:

I thought that this was their best episode. The cadets are coming together as a team and looking a bit more professional. This time the cadets visited the Essex County Hospital. Although they didn’t find very much, I thought that it was a solid investigation.

Professionalism, Skepticism, Honesty, Composure & Respect …

Maybe I missed it, but I don’t remember those qualities being mentioned earlier in the show. However; Steve claimed that they were the measuring stick that he used in his decision-making.


This coming from a man who would wear stage props and make odd bets with Tango to eat bugs during investigations? The man who bashed doors with wet mops and ran from birds, bats, and bugs? This man  judges others on professionalism? Oh brother …

 Jane was dropped from the show. Susan and Karl are offered spots on GHI. The rest of the cast are offered spots on another season of GHA. Oh no, there is going to be another season of GHA.

I guess that these “new” qualities will become the mantra of paranormal investigators and that will be a good thing. While the last episode was pretty good, I doubt that I will watch the next season of GHA.  Maybe I just reached the saturation point of paranormal shows.

Ghost Hunters Academy: Chris McCune off the show

Well another episode of Ghost Hunters Academy has come to a close. This time the cadets managed to find … nothing. This investigation was at the St. Augustine, Lighthouse. I liked the shots of the lighthouse and little else.

Things looked bad for Chris when a new cast member was introduced. The new guy is a southerner named Chris Smith. Oh yes, that was one Chris too many. As it turns out, McCune got homesick and was given the axe.

It looks like the villain of the show is Jane Riley. Sadly, this show has become nothing more than a soap opera. Thank the “Great Architect of the Universe” that there is only one show to go. I hope that this will be the last that we see of Ghost Hunters Academy. I know it will be for me.

Ghost Hunters 2009 Halloween special

Contrary to earlier reports, Ghost Hunters will indeed have a live Halloween special this year. Some reports indicated that Jason and Grant wanted some Halloween Holiday time with the kids. Other people thought that Jason and Grant would avoid another live event after the “collar-gate” fiasco. I don’t know if Jason and Grant changed their minds or if the earlier reports were designed to create some hype.

At any rate, the SyFy channel will have a marathon of Ghost Hunters on Halloween and end with the live event starting at 7/6c.

The Ghost Hunters will be investigating Essex County Hospital. It will be hosted by Josh Gates and we will get a look at the new Ghost Hunters Academy cast.

Let’s hope that Grant leaves his silly tricks at home. If he does not send him a message.

Collar pull hoax