Ghost Hunters (S08.E16) Don’t Feed the Apparition

Once again Jason cranks out an extended monologue explaining the episode. I rather like this Ghost Adventures styled lead to the show. Jason has a pleasant enough voice though perhaps Mike Rowe would have made a better lead in… I will say that it is better than the staged discussions or readings made from a moving vehicle.

The team is still in Louisiana. I am somewhat relieved that they have decided not to give us a false Destination Truth or GHI style impression that they have traveled elsewhere and returned. Having said that, I am saddened to see them return to paranormal infomercials. This week is little more than an hour long infomercial for the “Zoo Boo” (link) tour.

Zoo Boo
October 29, 30, & 31
The most spooktacular event of the year is back! ZOO BOO is perfect for all ages. Kids 12 and younger will have a magical time trick-or-treating along the Storybook Trail where costume characters, music, dancing, and scenery come to life. Those who dare can choose the Spooky Trail and meet scary creatures of the night. There’s so much to see and do – entertainment, photo opportunities, music, CANDY, and a magical trip through the Zoo!

I’m sure that the Alexandria Zoo is a fine place, but the town seems to be preying upon tourists (and that coming from someone who lives in a tourist town). Alexandria was the scene of a multiple site ghost hunt by the GH team not so long ago.
I couldn’t help but have a full belly laugh at Adam’s promotion to full team member. When Jason’s daughter investigated she was titled investigator while Adam was “in-training.” Although, the funniest comment was Jason’s we need someone at a “young state that we can kinda mold into how we want them.” He sounded like a ghost hunter version of Svengali. Of course, there was the awkward introduction and we are supposed to believe that they haven’t met until this point. Sad that we had to return to staged scenes this early in the program.

I have to admit that I did enjoy watching the team freak out with the lightning and zoo animals. In a way it reminded me of a guilty pleasure watching the screaming ladies on Most Haunted.

I got another chuckle when Amy speaking to the dead said that we are traveling the world looking for people like you. Not anymore Amy GHI has been cancelled … didn’t you get the memo? Why do they investigate gift shops so often? Didn’t Steve say years ago that if it had a gift shop it probably wasn’t haunted?

Tango yells and wakes up the monkeys … yeah it was the ghost… lol

Tango thought something went up his shorts. Ashley and Brit see a shadow and decide that it was the ghost of Les. Plenty of laughs … even the video evidence looked like a cat to me. All in all. it was entertaining.

Starbucks Barista joins Ghost Hunters

A Starbucks Barista, Ashley Troub, will join the Ghost Hunters team Sept. 26th in the episode “Don’t Feed the Apparitions”. Ashey lists her education on Facebook (link) as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is a freelance makeup artist and a member of the East Ventura Paranormal Society.

I imagine that a former barista will come in handy during those late night investigations. Fortunately for Ashley, she has Steve and Tango from the now defunct Ghost Hunters Academy to train her.  I guess that Pilgrim and Syfy couldn’t bring in someone from the Ghost Hunters International show because that would admit that GHI has been cancelled.

Personally, I would have preferred an adult woman but I understand why GH feels the need to sex the show up. I suspect the the show will become more … ahem… entertaining.

Ghost Adventures Season 7 Episode 1 Central Unit Prison

Ghost Adventures Season 7 Episode 1 Central Unit Prison

Ghost Adventures Crew
Ghost Adventures Crew (Photo credit: Qimuktis)

Zak, Nick & Aaron investigate the recently closed Central Unit Prison in Sugar Land, Texas. Having just watched the new season episode of Ghost Hunters, I was amazed at how much Ghost Hunters has become a version of Ghost Adventures.

If you are a fan of Sharon Day’s Ghost Hunting Theories (link) and her “Ghost Adventures drinking game”, you may have been sober after watching this episode. The boys seemed a little more focused and serious with this investigation.

Zak seemed to monologue through most of the first half of the show with a few interviews with anonymous witnesses. I was stuck by the desire of the witnesses to remain anonymous. I was also disappointed that Jeff Belanger didn’t make it on camera.

English: Jeff Belanger media photo
English: Jeff Belanger media photo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How can you have someone as well known as Jeff Belanger on site, but not have a few minutes to put him on camera? By the way, Belanger’s “The World’s Most Haunted Places” is excellent despite the minor error I found. Any author that replies with an “ugh” when you point out an error is worth sticking with. I was also disappointed with the lack of camera time for Aaron.

All in all, I enjoyed the episode even though it was not their best.

Enchanted Doll Forrest Season 1 EP. 2 P.P.I IndyPara Paranormal Investigation

Enchanted Doll Forrest Season 1 EP. 2 P.P.I IndyPara Paranormal Investigation

Give this team a try before watching Ghost Adventures tonight.

Ghost Hunters S08E14: Camp Fear

In this episode, GH visits Camp Rutledge in Georgia and has  a house-call in Marion, North Carolina.  Once again, Jason starts with a monologue which seems to be the new template for the show. I liked it and I hope that GH keeps this new change.

The episode was titled “Camp Fear” and kicked off with an investigation of Camp Rutledge, Georgia. Personally, I’m of the opinion that if a vacation location creeps you out — don’t go back. Having said that, I enjoyed watching the team work and there were several laughs that reminded me of the early seasons of Ghost Hunters.

Steve’s bug-dance was priceless and watching the large bug crawl up Tango’s arm was vintage Ghost Hunters. On the downside, Britt’s experiment with wet footprints was all wet. If you don’t know what the humidity, heat, or airflow  was on the day of the sighting, how can you seriously determine evaporation rates? Are we to assume that only the kids feet were wet? Are we to assume it was even water *evil grin*?

The team captured some odd lights, they spot eyes, and collect an evp that may say, “Trust me.” The lights could have been anything from fireflies to Bigfoot hunters. Maybe Matt Moneymaker and Bobo were wandering about? I wondered why the team didn’t use the FLIR or did they and it was edited out of the show? Wouldn’t the FLIR have answered many of the questions of what was making noise and eye-shine in the woods? The segment made me think of several outdoor GHI investigations, and though I didn’t feel that it was a solid investigation, it had it’s entertaining moments.

Ghost Hunters boxers
Ghost Hunters boxers

I was happy to see a home investigation again. I remember a time when helping people made up the majority of GH’s investigations before they became so commercial and their investigations became infomercials for ghost tour locations. The team focused on a piece of furniture that was connected to a deceased member of the Leverette family. I wondered if the GH team would pull a Zaffis on the lady and remove the furniture, but the lady seemed happy that the haunting may be a relative. She was comforted by the thought that an evp allegedly said, “I don’t mean to scare Sophie”.

All in all, the show wasn’t too bad except for the post-production sound effects. What was once annoying is now making the show hard to hear. To the post-production people — less is more.

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