Ghost Hunters S08E14: Camp Fear

In this episode, GH visits Camp Rutledge in Georgia and has  a house-call in Marion, North Carolina.  Once again, Jason starts with a monologue which seems to be the new template for the show. I liked it and I hope that GH keeps this new change.

The episode was titled “Camp Fear” and kicked off with an investigation of Camp Rutledge, Georgia. Personally, I’m of the opinion that if a vacation location creeps you out — don’t go back. Having said that, I enjoyed watching the team work and there were several laughs that reminded me of the early seasons of Ghost Hunters.

Steve’s bug-dance was priceless and watching the large bug crawl up Tango’s arm was vintage Ghost Hunters. On the downside, Britt’s experiment with wet footprints was all wet. If you don’t know what the humidity, heat, or airflow  was on the day of the sighting, how can you seriously determine evaporation rates? Are we to assume that only the kids feet were wet? Are we to assume it was even water *evil grin*?

The team captured some odd lights, they spot eyes, and collect an evp that may say, “Trust me.” The lights could have been anything from fireflies to Bigfoot hunters. Maybe Matt Moneymaker and Bobo were wandering about? I wondered why the team didn’t use the FLIR or did they and it was edited out of the show? Wouldn’t the FLIR have answered many of the questions of what was making noise and eye-shine in the woods? The segment made me think of several outdoor GHI investigations, and though I didn’t feel that it was a solid investigation, it had it’s entertaining moments.

Ghost Hunters boxers
Ghost Hunters boxers

I was happy to see a home investigation again. I remember a time when helping people made up the majority of GH’s investigations before they became so commercial and their investigations became infomercials for ghost tour locations. The team focused on a piece of furniture that was connected to a deceased member of the Leverette family. I wondered if the GH team would pull a Zaffis on the lady and remove the furniture, but the lady seemed happy that the haunting may be a relative. She was comforted by the thought that an evp allegedly said, “I don’t mean to scare Sophie”.

All in all, the show wasn’t too bad except for the post-production sound effects. What was once annoying is now making the show hard to hear. To the post-production people — less is more.

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4 thoughts on “Ghost Hunters S08E14: Camp Fear”

  1. Very good review. I do like the new editing/format for the show. I only wish that the team had strong personalities so folks could break the usual routine or get into debates or somehow show some initiative and free thought. I agree about them not doing enough house cases.

  2. You’ve really changed your format, too. It looks very streamlined and modern. I kind of miss the steampunk feel of the old one, but then I prefer earlier versions of Windows and want them to quit changing!

    I didn’t get to see Ghost Hunters last week, being a bit of a politics junky. I was watching the Democratic National Convention, instead. I watched both new episodes of Ghost Hunters last night and was impressed for the first time in quite a while. They got away from the formula and made the program go faster into the actual investigation. They’ve moved onto IPADs, which was nice to see. Roles are changing, too. Jason’s standards were always higher than Grant’s. Personal friendships and loyalties aside, Jason may end up doing much better without Grant.

    Their equipment has really upscaled in the last year or so. They are now using things that the vast majority of us simply cannot afford.

    It was interesting when they brought Hagar onto the screen with the scratching that was going on. I’ve been places where I was pretty sure that the person was faking scratching. You can scratch yourself when no one is looking and not have the welt show for a few minutes. Unless what we saw was so carefully edited that it was misleading, it does appear that the scratching was legit phenomenon and happening pretty rapidly.

    I wonder if Adam now realizes that you have to do more than just order the entities to stop doing something to get them to stop?

    All in all, Ghost Hunters may have rejuvinated itself with the changes they’ve made. Jason should dispense with having a sidekick and let the team reshape itself with Grant’s departure.

    1. You know I liked the old blog theme but after visiting a few blogs I came across a blog using the same theme with the same graphics (background and sidebar). Heck, the dude didn’t even bother to rename the graphics. I decided to clean up the appearance a little.

      Something I’ve had rolling around in my dusty brain has to do with the equipment. We have heard from parashows that EMF can cause skin irritation. Could some of the scratching be mindless responses to EMF?

      Yes, Adam had a real Ryan Buell moment.

      I was a little flippant with my comments about the “A Serial Killer’s Revenge” episode and Amy Bruni left a comment with her spin on ghost theories. What can I say, sometimes GH brings out my inner snark. lol

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