GHI: Army of the Dead

Barry hides in Kris' chest.
Barry hides in Kris’ chest.

I’m sitting here on Super Bowl Sunday watching a marathon of Ghost Hunters, and I thought that I would talk about GHI’s last episode. GHI ratings have dropped just a little, coming in with a modest  1.221 million (1.234 previous week) viewers for the “Army of the Dead” episode. Maybe the numbers have hit bottom and GHI will rebound?

The new cast has yet to establish itself. They seem to be moving to a more “Ghost Adventures” style of ghost hunting. I noticed that Joe and Paul had donned some clothes that looked like they had raided Zak’s closet. Don’t get me started on Zak and the word closet.

The Petrovaradin Fortress seemed to bring out a GA style of hysteria from the team. At one point Barry seemed to drop to his knees in fear and Kris pulled Barry’s head to her chest. That really smacks of the GA boys, or Brian running away, and really reminded me of the now defunct “Most Haunted” show. Which begs another question, why doesn’t Barry mix up the team? It’s always Barry/Kris, Paul/Susan, and Joe/Britt/Scott . Could it have something to do with Kris’ face to chest ghost hunting technique?

Paul managed to photograph an alleged shadow figure. The problem that I have with the picture is that the sound man, cameraman, Producer, and anyone else on the crew was not accounted for. Are we going to pretend that these people don’t exist?

All in all, I came away with some good laughs and a few hand to head moments. I loved the location and I enjoyed the creepy vibe of the show.

Having said all of that, I discovered that the Travel channel has a GA marathon.  Sorry Syfy, I’m watching Ghost Adventures until game time.


4 responses to “GHI: Army of the Dead”

  1. autumnforest Avatar

    That episode was a winner. Hee hee. Yeah, the shadowperson. Looks to me like someone standing there holding something, definitely a dude. More than likely an IR shadow being cast of someone standing in front of an IR light. Mixing up the team seems the least of their issues. They need to come up with new techniques. I want to see them one night go into a place and decide to just go to sleep and film the rooms. Or, maybe they come in with a dog and use it to help them anticipate activity. Do something new. Quit being J&G’s robotic army. Think for yourselves people–you’re a freaking continent away from your lord and master. Great review! You hit it on the head. I am avoiding the stupid bowl with a vengeance but like every year, the neighbors won’t let me forget. It ends up sounding like I’m being attacked by a pack of coyotes all day and into the evening. Argh!

    1. Barry Huddleston Avatar

      Yeah, bring in a dog and make the little dude famous as the paranormal pooch.

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  3. SharonH Avatar

    There have been rumors around the internet that just maybe the producers are hinting at a Barry/Kris romance as a way to add interest to the show. Personally I don’t care; it’s ghost investigations that peak my interest. Don’t know if this has any truth to it, just that I did read it somewhere but can’t remember where. Pure speculation.

    As far as the shadow figure-it does look like a person holding what looks to me like a laptop computer or at least some kind of equipment. Since autumnforest also sees much the same, my guess is that this is exactly what we are looking at. Not “ghostly” enough and too much like a crew member.

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