Britt Griffith to return to Ghost Hunters

Britt Griffith rehired
Britt Griffith rehired

Almost from the start of his firing there have been rumors that Britt Griffith was going to be rehired by Ghost Hunters. It seems that the rumors are true. Britt Griffith is in negotiations to return to Ghost Hunters.

Things that make you go hmmmmmm?

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  1. God, is it that hard to find ghost hunters for their show that they have to take back duds? I could see renegotiating to get Brian back just so they have a “Gilligan” on the show, but Britt offered nothing at all and I never trusted anything he found. Still, even a charismatic hunter would be useless with their ho-hum format, well, unless the hunter has to do it in the nude, then we have a new kind of ghost hunting show.

    1. Some people believe that he was unfairly punished for his verbal gaffe. I guess Syfy caved to the threat of losing more fans. Time will tell if Syfy made a good decision. Personally, I am for second chances, but this is a guy who can quickly kill the franchise with his big mouth.

  2. Yeah, I would understand if it was Steve or Tango or someone we’d actually miss, but Britt… I think I saw him in like one episode that I managed to sit through. Was not impressed.

  3. Well, I’m glad to see there were others who, at least, think that what Britt said was wrong and unprofessional regardless of the circumstances under which he uttered it. I could not believe the support he was garnering on other forums after he was fired.

    When you are on TV, whether you like it or not, you will always be under scrutiny even in informal situations. You represent the enterprise, be it GH or any other group. His remarks indicated, IMO, an average Joe who just got lucky getting a position on the show. As autumnforest said, he was not impressive. There was nothing to indicate he brought any special talent or ability to the show (as though that would have helped).

    Probably was fan pressure that brought him back. Hitting that money button works almost every time.

  4. I liked Britt, he seems genuine and a good investigator IMO. I think it is sad you all think people should be punished so harshly for a misspeak. Who in the world has not accidentally said something they regret after? Come on, how a person acts after they realize their mistake is what is important. He apologized and did what he could to fix it. I believe in his good character. We are all human. How would you feel if you misspoke at work in some way and you were simply fired on the spot. Sure it “depends” on what was said, but nevertheless, getting fired before any other punishments were explored was too far. Grow up people, I think you have all enjoyed being forgiven for mistakes, Britt deserves the same.

  5. It’s not likely that anyone, including Britt, would get fired for one “misspeak”… Seems more likely that it would be the straw the broke the camel’s back. I’ve been reading from and of this guy and he seems to have a dash of good ol’ boy in him. Someone once said, “believe people when they tell you who they are.”

  6. What he said was a mouthful of words–you know, things that are in the dictionary. Like his take on things or not, the time is coming when we are literally going to “politically correct” ourselves to death. Sure, he seems to be a redneck idiot, but anybody who is that torn up by a bunch of hot air has an equal right to turn the channel.

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