Barry Fitzgerald finds no ghost under his kilt


Barry Fitzgerald, of Ghost Hunters International fame, shows us that there are no ghosts under his kilt.





3 responses to “Barry Fitzgerald finds no ghost under his kilt”

  1. SharonH Avatar

    Barry is hilarious! I have always liked him. In fact, I truly miss GHI but it seemed there were a lot of problems involving the show.

    Several years ago Barry gave me some great advice on cameras. He is an excellent photographer and took many beautiful photos at each location GHI went to.

  2. Debby Reagan Avatar

    You put your left foot in, and then you take it out.
    You put your right foot in…and shake it all about.
    Weeee…shake that nice looking leg Barry F, you tease you! 🙂

  3. Barbara Addington Avatar
    Barbara Addington

    I have chosen to make a comment against my better judgment, I miss the program. In my world, being as experienced as I am with spirits, speaking to me, relatives, people I was close to, rubbing my arm, pulling my pony tail, stacking little rocks in a pile………I could go on for years! What needs to be understood is that they can contact us. My most recent blessing came on the anniversary of my fathers death, 12/28/2000. Last December, on that day, feeling the sadness I always feel came a voice, loud and clear, that my 7 year old dog and I both heard….. “PETIE, ARE YOU OUT THERE, DON’T WORRY, YOUR DADS WITH ME”. My step mother had passed in 97 in my arms. It was so very special of her to come and speak for the very first time. My dad is the one that pulls on my pony tail, I’m certain of this, and my step father is piling the stones as this is how he would leave me a message if he came to my property to find my gates locked and me gone. He put them on the gate post. So sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! So you see, for me it is all so natural. Petie Addington. CALIF.

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