Southwest Teaser Trailer

Missing Ghost Hunters International? Hate that the show has been cancelled?

If this teaser is to be believed, and it smells a little like a hoax, Barry Fitzgerald, Paul Bradford, and Scott Tepperman will have roles in a movie called Southwest. At any rate, give it a look and see what you think?

S03E01: Hamlet’s Castle, Denmark

S03E01: Hamlet’s Castle, Denmark — or something is rotten in Denmark ?  Alas, poor GHI! I knew them, kind of. As the show continues to circle the drain, we find a new GHI team lead by Barry FitzGerald. Britt will be in a few episodes that were shot before he was fired. I guess GHI considers it a successful season if they finish with most of their cast.

Another sign of the crumbling empire that was Ghost Hunters, Scotty Roberts has resigned. I know many of you are asking — who is Scotty Roberts and why should I care? Scotty was the editor for TAPS ParaMagazine. He has resigned after working UNPAID for a year. That’s right folks!

Merge that little thought with the Donna La Croix’s Ghost Divas interview where she said that she and other TAPS celebrities were in financial trouble due to the show. She said that she, Brian, and Andy “almost went bankrupt.”

In the usual Ghost Hunter fashion, the team welcomes the new members without mentioning the departure of the old team. It’s as if Robb and the others didn’t exist.

I have noticed that the team members seem more chatty than normal. I think that I’ve heard more from Joe Chin in this episode than in his entire GHI career. I have to wonder if the team members feel the need to step it up a notch after the departure of so many team members?

On the plus side, I enjoyed the location. The castle is beautiful. On the downside, I was not impressed with the pebbles being tossed. I have seen far too much of pebble tossing on “Most Haunted.” It seems that GHI has a magical moving flashlight to rival GH’s magical blinking flashlight. Of course, we couldn’t see all of the flashlight, so we have no idea what might have moved it. As for the chandelier swaying, I’m sorry but it was within reach of anyone. I would like to have seen some effort made to debunk ghostly accounts.

Barry concluded that the location is haunted and my jaw dropped.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

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