Changes to Gnostalgia in 2014

retro robot123113In 2014, I plan to make a few changes/improvements to Gnostalgia. Some time ago, I started a Facebook fan page for Gnostalgia ( and I plan to use it to publicize  the Gnostalgia blog. It should help Gnostalgia readers network with each other and will have additional content not found on Gnostalgia. I’ll also set up a Facebook “like” widget on the sidebar. I really want to build more of a community.

Expect to see more product tips and reviews. I plan to do more with Youtube and have video reviews of books and products.You can subscribe to my Youtube channel at .

I am also networking my Google plus account ( not only can you read Gnostalgia but you can also read posts from my Attention Earthlings blog ( Having said that, don’t forget to check me out on Twitter (

In short, expect to see Gnostalgia better networked and a better network in 2014.

Author: Barry

A knight is sworn to valor.

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