Steampunk Meditation for Self- Transformation

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Today’s post is a guest blog sent to me by Alison Leigh Lilly…. take note all ye members of the Secret Order, for if we had a required reading list, this would be on it…

A Steampunk Meditation for Self-Transformation

(Translation with Commentary by Alison Leigh Lilly)

The following is an excerpt (translated from the original Irish Gaelic) from the recovered manuscripts of Madame Fáine Collwaters, renowned Irish occultist and Druidess of the late Victorian Era and protegée to the influential Welsh antiquarian Edward Williams. I have done my best to include notes and references wherever necessary to aid the clarity of the text. Inline notes are set off in [[double-brackets]], with additional explanation in footnotes.


Induced Vision of Alchemical Transmogrification (In Alignment with the Triple Springs)

The Triple Springs[1], being the centers of energetic rotation located along the vertical axis of the practitioner’s core, are periodically stimulated…

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