Growing Up With Ghosts by Sharon Day

Sharon Day, author of “Ghost Hunting Theories” blog shares the unsettling accounts of her and her family’s experiences at the 250-year-old house they called home in Northern Virginia. The actively haunted estate had been used as a field hospital during the Civil War and left a lingering residue of haunting activity, apparitions, voices, object movement, and more. To the author, growing up there since she was a baby, the phenomena seemed quite normal and natural. It honed her desire to understand how and why hauntings occur and led her as an adult into the field of paranormal investigation.


3 responses to “Growing Up With Ghosts by Sharon Day”

  1. Deborah Anne Hart Avatar

    Really looking forward to reading this book ~ Sharon is awesome!

  2. The Ghosts of Sleath by James Herbert: David Ash Revisited | MikesFilmTalk Avatar

    […] Growing Up With Ghosts by Sharon Day ( […]

  3. the unexplained Avatar

    hello i really seriously like all of your current articles wanted to let you know i enjoy the unxplained world paranormal types of things remember to continue on posting

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