Ghost Adventures: Eastern State Penitentiary

Last night’s episode of Ghost Adventures had some interest evidence collected. I found the evp “I knew God…God” to be one of the few that I could actually hear. Maybe it’s  just me, but I can’t make out most of the evp’s on Ghost Adventures . However; this time I could actually hear the evp. Another evp said, “Nick” but that one was not as clear.

As time goes by, I am becoming a fan of poor Aaron.

Nick and Aaron get a good laugh at Zak banging his head. Maybe the Ghost Adventure crew will consider using helmets in the future. Hey, you could mount a camera to it!

Another funny moment had to do with the death ledger, wow who knew that you could die from that. I’ve heard that you could go blind but die?

They didn’t have a Ghost Hunters “Dude Run!’ moment.


2 thoughts on “Ghost Adventures: Eastern State Penitentiary

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  1. I can never hear the EVP’s either. Well I hear the sound, but it never quite to me like the words they say they are hearing. I also wonder why it is that quite often when they ask for a response, sound, a knock or two etc, or, they start hearing footsteps,. they often seem to come from a different room than the team are in. I don’t know but its interesting, and I love the history in the show.

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