Ghost Adventures and GHI have twitter fight.

zak-eyes-1It seems that Zak Bagans and Robb Demarest don’t like each other. Both Bagans (GA) and Demarest (GHI) had a hissy fit on twitter.

Zak Bagans said, of Robb Demarest, “Ive never had more issues with people talking shit than ppl from Ghost Hunters Intl… Failed TV Show and these wannabes wanna talk shit LMFAO” […] “Paranormal “1-hit wonders” like @RobbDemarest that had a failed TV Show miss the fame so they bash the GAC… don’t think so dork GET A LIFE”

Demarest tried to settle the dust-up with, “Just because I have an opinion does not always mean I have to share it. Lesson learned. That means I owe a certain someone a big ol’ hug!”

I think both gentlemen need to cut back on the steroids. Especially you Zak!  It seems all that you need to be a paranormal expert is a black t-shirt and an enormous ego.

I can tweet space aliens — and you can too

Thanks to a shameless publicity stunt from the National Geographic Channel, we can tweet a reply to the famous “WOW!” signal of 1977. On Aug. 15, the tweets will be beamed into space in the direction of the source of the enigmatic signal. All you need to do is tweet your message with the hashtag #ChasingUFOs between 8 p.m. EDT Friday (June 29) and 3 a.m. EDT Saturday (June 30).

Should Aliens from outer-space be actually listening to Earth broadcasts, I am sure that they will be more interested in the “I Love Lucy” episodes than our tweets. Nat Geo is doing a UFO hunting show — hmmmm what’s next — Home and Garden Gnome Hunts? SoapNet ET love stories? Food Network Alien recipes?

On the plus side, we get to see Erin Ryder again. Probably one of the sexiest women in paranormal TV. I’m sure that she will be striking this pose throughout the Chasing UFOs series.

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