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“Time is an absurdity. An abstraction. The only thing that matters is this moment. This moment a million times over. You have to trust me. If this moment is repeated enough, if you keep trying — and you have to keep trying — eventually you will come across the next item on your list.”
― Jonathan Nolan, Memento mori


Threadcakes | Bitter Teeth Threadless cake by Chloe Bird

I found the cake that I want for my birthday!

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Submitter’s Comments:
I really like the Bitter Teeth design, it’s kind of sinister and tasty…
aanyway, onto making the cake, it’s a bit of a saga.
First up, making the skull-face: I got an anatomical model of a human skull and a whole load of food grade silicone. After putty-ing up the fiddly details and finding suitable containers for the skull and jaw I poured the silicone around them and left it for 48 hours to set. After de-molding the originals I trimmed the molds down to make them more flexible.
I cast the jaw and face out of milk chocolate and used dental tools to carve some of the detail back in.
Next the cakey cranium: I made chocolate sponge (pictured looking like a magnificent pair of um… mounds) and sandwiched them with yet more milk chocolate, I trimmed them down to the right size and shape and covered the lot in yet more milk chocolate for structural integrity.
finally, I poured over chocolate ganche and painted the teeth with high % dark chocolate.
I took the skull cake up to work, where it was promptly demolished. mmmm cake and half a ton of chocolate!

Threadcakes | Bitter Teeth Threadless cake by Chloe Bird

Skull, cauldron found in northeast Nevada trash – Las Vegas Sun


Authorities are investigating the discovery of a human skull and a cauldron found in a trash bin the northeastern Nevada community of Wells.

Elko County Undersheriff Doug Gailey said Washoe County crime lab investigators were brought in Friday to look for clues about the origin of the skull found in the 30-yard trash bin near the Wells airport.

Gailey compared the cauldron to a witches brewing pot.

The skull was described as yellowed with age and missing its teeth. But the jawbone was intact.

Investigators were trying to determine whether it was from a murder victim or exhumed from a grave.

Skull, cauldron found in northeast Nevada trash – Monday, April 26, 2010 | 8:07 a.m. – Las Vegas Sun

Rare Magic Inscription on Human Skull | Biblical Archaeology Review

Not long ago, the well-known collector Shlomo Moussaieff acquired two earthenware bowls, the open ends of which were adjoined to form a kind of case—inside the case was an ancient human skull. A magic incantation, written in Aramaic, was inscribed on the skull.

BAR readers already know about the more than two thousand magic incantation bowls that have survived from third–seventh-century C.E. Jewish communities in Babylonia.a The incantation bowls were made at the same time and in the very communities that produced the most intricate, complex and revered accomplishment of rabbinic Judaism, the Babylonian Talmud. Although some have deemed the incantation literature to be inconsistent with the spirit of the Talmud, recent research has shown it to be, rather, complementary and representative of aspects of life reflected within the Talmud.1

The fact remains that belief in demons was widespread at this time among Jews as well as other peoples. Incantation bowls are known not only from Jewish communities but from other communities as well. The Jewish versions are written in what is commonly known as Jewish Aramaic.

via Rare Magic Inscription on Human Skull | Biblical Archaeology Review.

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