Ghost Hunters International: The Final Season

Ghost Hunters International: The Final Season
will be available for purchase as a DVD August 27th and a lot of people are unhappy about it. Many fans felt that the Syfy channel’s reluctance to say that GHI was cancelled meant that GHI would/could return to TV. Sadly, that idea or hope was dashed with the title on the DVD’s cover “The Final Season.” Sorry True Believers — surprise (if you had read Gnostalgia more often you wouldn’t have been so surprised).

Still others, in the True Believers category, are upset by the label “actor” assigned by Amazon and other retailers by the star’s names.  Wake-up and smell the coffee, retailers have been labeling the ghost hunters as actors for years.

The packaging of the DVD is very odd. It is some sort of moon photoshop-effect with a partial cast. For reasons only Syfy knows, Paul Bradford and Scott Tepperman were dropped from the cover? Bradford is having trouble finding anyone who will admit to approving the cover, “Ive now written to both @Pilgrim_Studios and @SyFy in regards to the GHI Final Season DVD Cover…. Someone has to have Okay’d this….”

GHI was a “red meat” paranormal show for me; I loved to tear into that show and give it a good shake. Frankly, a paranormal investigation requires more than just a few days and their conclusions, based on these brief investigations, were woefully simplistic. Having said that, I think the locations were eye-popping beautiful. I’d love to visit those locations. The bones of a good show are there; I think that the execution, for a myriad of reasons, was lacking.

Southwest Teaser Trailer

Missing Ghost Hunters International? Hate that the show has been cancelled?

If this teaser is to be believed, and it smells a little like a hoax, Barry Fitzgerald, Paul Bradford, and Scott Tepperman will have roles in a movie called Southwest. At any rate, give it a look and see what you think?

Ghost Hunters International’s newest member Paul Bradford


Arizona fans of SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters International take note. Paul Bradford, seen in one of the last episodes of the 2009 season, has become the team’s latest investigating member. Paul is widely known in the Tucson, Arizona area as the founder of the paranormal team, Sonoran Paranormal Investigations. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working on an investigation with Paul in the past. Together with two additional teams located in Arizona, we were the first paranormal investigators to seek the ghosts in the Avenue Hotel in the border town of Douglas Arizona. Immediately, the members of this special investigation crew were impressed with Paul’s knowledge of the equipment, and found he was not afraid to experiment with a few gadgets of his own. The ghost hunters in Arizona that have worked side by side with Bradford affectingly call him the “paranormal MacGyver” in the ghost investigation field.


I recently caught up with Paul Bradford as he attended his first convention as a member of GHI. He was a guest speaker at TusCon 36 in Tucson, Arizona this past November 14, 2009 and entertained the audience with some of his latest inventions. He co-headed a session called “Ghost Hunting Techniques and Equipment.” Paul showed us an array of new meters that combine an EMF, Temp Scanner, K ll and flashlight all in one hand held piece of equipment.   

Then it was time for a bit of Ghost Stories and Q & A with members of the TusCon 36 panel. Paul Bradford, age 30, was born in Kent, England and has that pronounced British accent that makes you smile. He has a lovely wife and two adorable daughters.

Paul told us of a paranormal event that happened on one of his first investigations up at Vulture Mine near Wickenburg, Arizona. A group of ghost hunters were inside the mess hall of the old mining camp when he witnessed a ball of light floating inside the kitchen area. He had never seen anything like it before and could not explain the phenomena he witnessed. After that investigation, Paul was hooked on ghost hunting and soon Sonoran Paranormal Investigations was in operation. The team has been serving Tucson and places around Arizona for about four years. They became a TAPS Family member a couple of years ago which led to Bradford becoming a member of GHI.

Paul has been a Tech Specialist and Investigator with GHI for about six months. He says the best part of becoming a member of the team is investigating the most haunted places in the world and meeting new people. He adds that the down side of the show is time away from his family. When he comes home or has a break, he spends as much time possible with them.  

I asked Paul if he had any advice for paranormal investigators or new ghost hunters. He said “Get out there and investigate. It is not like it is on TV—even for us. You’ll learn more in the field than sitting home watching the TV shows. Read up on the subjects you find interesting and stick with it.”  

When asked what he would like to see happen in the paranormal/ghost hunting field in the next five years, Paul told me, “I would like to see the more serious groups still out and about. The ones only in it for a TV show will fade away, and what we will have left are the teams who may actually find the answers—or at very least help move the field forward.” 

Paul started building equipment a few years ago for his own use when hunting ghosts, but quickly people started to ask where they could purchase these items.  He began building the ghost tools to order. After a short while, he put together a MYSpace account where people could purchase one or more of his ghost hunting tools.  Within a year he needed to expand the demand for his devices.  It grew faster than he could possibly expect, so that was the start of  More information about these gadgets can he found on Paul Bradford’s website:

Watch Paul Bradford on the new season of Ghost Hunters International returning in January 2010.

Ghost Hunters International’s newest member Paul Bradford