Ghost Hunters: S08E13: A Serial Killer’s Revenge

A few things jumped out at me as I watched Ghost Hunters last night (September 5th). One was Amy Bruni walking off the investigation because she believes that a spirit can attach itself to her unborn baby. I guess that would make it a womb with a boo. Strangely enough, with this belief, she doesn’t feel the need to stop investigating the paranormal (ghost hunting) while pregnant. I hope for her sake that she has made the right decision and that she hears the little pitter patter of tiny feet rather than the clitter clatter of cloven hooves.

Ghost Hunters
Ghost Hunters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I gave up on Ghost Hunters during the Grant farewell tour and some things like the twitter addresses of the GH cast seemed new to me. Perhaps they have been doing it for a while and I failed to notice. I honestly didn’t miss Grant and I believe that he was responsible for what I believe to be hoaxing on the show.

Jason’s monologue at the start of the show was better than the typical “case history” in the car routine, which was dangerous. If you are going to drive — drive — don’t risk the safety of other people on the road to set up your show. Having said that, the show is looking more and more like Ghost Adventures but without the humor.

Old City Jail in Charleston, S.C. was investigated last year by the Ghost Adventures crew, and in a head-to-head match, I’d have to say that GA did a better job.  I really came away with the feeling that I was watching an hour long infomercial for the Haunted Jail Tour (link).

As for the woman who was repeatedly scratched, I got a chuckle when she was re-introduced to the location after they pulled her out over concerns for her safety.  It was as if they were saying, you’re expendable.

I may watch a few more episodes over the Halloween season but it isn’t a must-see. Where did the de-bunking go? I’d like some questioning of the scratches. I’d like some talk about Amy’s belief that her baby may be endangered, but her what the hell on with the show mentality.  Personally, it felt like so much empty drama and I really came away feeling that I had not learned anything nor was I entertained.

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