Karosta Prison, Ghost Hunters International

Sadly, Most Haunted wasn’t on Friday night so I’ll talk about the season finale of Ghost Hunters International. The episode was about Karosta Prison, a place called “hell on earth.”
On my hypometer scale, I would give the show a 9 for hype. However; I would give it a 1 for content. The show centered on Karosta Prison a former Soviet prison. I found the location interesting and ghost stories compelling.
The show began with the narration stating that it would be the “End of the line” for one of the team. As it turns out, Angela will not be returning next season. Perhaps Ghost Hunters and the Scifi channel are learning how to treat people. It would have taken so little effort on their part to have extended the same courtesy to Brian and Andy. I wish Angela the best of luck in her future endeavors.
During the investigation, Robb caught an EVP of the word “lazy”. Maybe its just me, but all I hear is just static. Which begins up English being spoken at a soviet prison. This “Universal Consciousness” where the ghosts speak English sounds like something that would come from the Scifi channel … oh wait.
Later Robb and Angela see a dark shadow; unfortuneately, the camera shows nothing. In Robb’s world that means that the camera couldn’t pick up what was there, rather than the dark was playing tricks with his eyes.
They crew did manage to collect a couple on interesting EVPs of a woman’s voice. While I am certain that they were not Brandy’s nasal voice, I can not discount that they may have been Angela’s voice.
The crew also managed to capture the sound of rattling doors while the cameras showed no door movements. My thought was maybe the rattling wasn’t the doors. Call me crazy but maybe the rattling noise came from something other than residual sounds “trapped in time”. Trapped in time? That sounds like something from the scifi channel … oh wait.
Dustin thought that his pants were pulled, and Joe Chin thought that his shoulder had been tapped. Sadly, that was about it.
The only thing that puzzled me with this investigation was what the hell was that thing on Barry’s head?

GHI Casa Garland and Trekroner Fort

I have a few hours to wait for Most Haunted, so I’ll put down some of my thoughts about Ghost Hunters International’s episodes Casa Garland and Trekroner Fort. Let me begin with Casa Garland.

Basically, nothing happened. I’m not angry about that; after all, that can be an opportunity for training time. Sadly, if there was any training, we didn’t see it. Plus, I enjoyed seeing the locations.

This episode begins with “Then the team heads back to Peru”, oh please people! Does the Scifi channel or GHI think that its viewers are so stupid that we wont know that this episode was shot while the team was in South America? Come on GHI quit bending the truth. 

In this episode, Robb and the GHI crew investigate a private home. We are given the usual ghost stories by the family. The thing that stuck in my mind was the comment that the family has lived in the house for 500 years. The design of the house seemed far too western to have been built before Christopher Columbus, but what do I know.

Part of the haunting was some strange bumps in the night, as you might have expected it was the neighborhood cats. Good work Dustin, you might become another Andy with debunking like that. Maybe next episode you’ll tape a flashlight to your arm.

 Another oddity was a family picture that seemed to have the ghostly image of Grandpa in a glass pane. Barry managed to get faces in the glass with his camera, a case of simple matrix. I do wonder why Barry shot the pictures in that dark? I mean wouldn’t it make more sense to shoot with the lights on under the same conditions as the family photo?

Another thing that the team tried to recreate was the claim the the floor shook while a woman swept the floor. Again people why do this in the dark? The woman did not say that she was sweeping in the dark! What woman would ever sweep in the dark?

I had to laugh when Robb began to provoke the spirits in English. Oh yeah Robb, all Peruvian ghosts speak English.

Trekroner Fort  Copenhagen Harbor was an interesting location.  Brandy made me laugh right away when she said something about people actually dying in battle. Oh Brandy, Brandy, Brandy. As opposed to all of those battles where people didn’t die.

The GHI crew had a few EVPs. I have to be honest it sounded like feedback to me. There was some strange activity with the EMF detector, but there wasn’t enough time dedicated to debunking the activity. Was the EMF detector spiking in response to their questions or was it random spikes?

The crew caught the sounds of footsteps in the tunnels. Angela had an odd auto-focus moment with her camera. The GHI crew believed that her blurred shadow might be something. I would have thrown it out because she was alone and the shadow looked like it was hers. Where was her teammate? What happened to team-members staying together?

That being said Trekroner Fort was an interesting location and I enjoyed seeing it.

Ghost Hunters International, Grande Hotel

The Grand Hotel was one of the better investigations. The GHI team had the full run of the hotel and they collected some interesting data.

The investigation started with the same old knocks and raps heard in any old building.  I got a chuckle when they traced one of the knocks to the new guy, Robert Hernandez. It seems that Robert had not finished unloading all of Barry’s gear.

Barry and Robert managed to collect the image of a human shadow with Barry’s full spectrum camera. Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men .. bwahaha. Everything said and done, I believe that it is the shadow of a crew member.

Later Barry would collect a mist-like shape moving  through the kitchen. You could see the mist through a transparent wall divider and the next photo showed it clearly.

This may be the best data that GHI has ever collected. I am very intrigued.

Ghost Hunters International, The Little Castle

The Little Castle São Paulo
The Little Castle São Paulo

The Little Castle was very brief . The investigation centered around a ruined building that resembled a small castle in São Paulo. I enjoyed seeing the Little Castle and hearing about its tragic past.

However; the location was a very bad choice for a paranormal investigation. The building was on a busy street and the street sounds tainted any EVPs. According to the GHI crew there was only oneEVP captured, a female voice saying “Eduardo”.

After hearing it, I am convinced that it is Brandy saying, “um what?” Of course, I could be wrong.

I was happy to see Barry and Angela speak some Portuguese. I’ve always hated the “all ghost speak English” tact that so many paranormal investigators use. Come on people make some effort to prepare yourself for the investigation.

Another thing that I was happy to see was that they took the time to mention that Robert Hernandez would not be with the investigation. It was a simple courtesy and I’m glad to see them make the effort. All too often members have disappeared with no comment. Perhaps GHI is turning over a new leaf .

No more Andy, Ghost Hunters International


Some fans liked him and some hated him, but Andy Andrews has vanished from the Ghost Hunters International like the phantoms that he so often hunted. Once again, neither the Scifi channel nor the Ghost Hunters International show has bothered to give the fans a reason for Andy’s departure. A simple gesture of courtesy to mention that a lead investigator would no longer be with the show seems to be beyond the abilities of both the Scifi channel and GHI. This kind of behavior should be expected; afterall, they have done it before to Brian Harnois.

Dustin Pari has been promoted to lead investigator and Joe Chin will be added to the team. Let’s hope that Dustin can learn how to wear his hat.

This week’s episode was The Ghost Child of Peru and the location was at Callao, PeruReal Felipe Fortress.

The episode was interesting; although, unremarkable. Brandy Green seemed to have had her feelings hurt when Robb and Dustin made the “falls mainly on the plain remark.” I’m sure that she took it as a dig about the way she talks.

GHI claimed to have filmed the ghost boy, but all I could see was Brandy’s reflextion in the show case. Maybe I’m wrong but I did not see a ghost boy. Nor did I see anything in the photos that Barry took.

If nothing else I enjoyed the beauty of the fort.


Steve​ and Tango​ will be heading up their own version of Ghost Hunters. In this flavor of Ghost Hunter the “odd couple of the paranormal” will teach a new generation to hunt ghosts.

“New Generation” will have 6 episodes to gather a following, but I am sure that plenty of Ghost Hunters fans will swell New Generations ratings.

If we are lucky, Brian Harnois will return in order to add some drama to the show.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have 6 episodes full of team members calling Brian a liar again!

I quess the real questions about the new show are …

Will the “next generation” fake evidence to make the show more entertaining? Will they come clean about faking evidence on “Ghost Hunters” ? If they “come clean” will the fan base still be there for them?

Ghost Hunters International, Brian Harnois

Dude Run !!!
Dude Run !!!

As some of you may have noticed Brian Harnois is no longer on the TV show Ghost Hunters International. Neither the scifi channel nor Ghost Hunters International has not bothered to give an explanation. They simply deleted his name from the scifi website and the GHI credits. That was, in my opinion, poor treatment by the scifi channel and GHI. They should have given the fans an explanation for Brian departure as they did with Donna.

According to Brian, he has retired for family reasons (link).

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Brian Harnois fan. I do believe that his treatment on Ghost Hunters was shameful and a textbook example of how NOT to treat an employee. However; Brian brought a lot of his problems on himself. I was surprised to see him on the Ghost Hunters International show, after his departure from Ghost Hunters, but he seemed to work well on GHI. I guess the only dead thing that we saw on GHI was Brian Harnois’ career!

Dude run!

Now Andy is gone … https://gnostalgia.wordpress.com/2009/01/08/no-more-andy-ghost-hunters-international/