My thoughts of Ghost Adventures at Gettysburg

Ghost Adventures plays soldiers
Ghost Adventures plays soldiers

Ok, ok, let me first start off by saying that I get a kick out of the Ghost Adventures cast. Not because they are good paranormal investigators. I enjoy the show because they are so bad. They are to paranormal investigations what the movie “Plan Nine From Outer Space” is to scifi.   It’s so bad its good. 

I spent the evening chatting with the Ghost Hunting Theories folks and watching GA at Gettysburg. I liked some of the comments that Autumn made about Zak and the boys.  

 It was only a matter of time before the GA cast followed all of the other paranormal shows to Gettysburg. Zak, Nick, and Aaron dressed up like Federal troops and fought off the Rebs in dramatic fashion.  I had to wonder if it was too politically incorrect to play a confederate. I guess that Zak so enjoyed playing as a  Civil War soldier that he kept his Yankee kepi. 

The guys investigated the Soldiers’ National Museum, the  Jenny Wade House, and the engine house.  At one location, they had a stone allegedly thrown. I wondered if the show was turning into “Most Haunted” who are well known for their stone throwing hoaxes. They also managed to collect some evps; although, most weren’t clear to me.  One evp allegedly said  “I’m pregnant” but I wonder if that term would have used by a woman of that era. 

The team also used that odd voice synthesis device. In theory a spirit changes energy to generate speech. The biggest problem that I have with that is how does a spirit know to do that? The device is pre-loaded with words. What if those “pre-loaded” words have nothing to do with what I, as a spirit, really wanted to say? I think that it is little more than the magic flashlight used by the Ghost Hunters cast or the ouija board used by the Most Haunted cast. 

From time to time the GA crew finds something interesting. However; most of the show is really the personalities. I guess the best part of the show was Zak reacting to being touched on the butt. Autumn quipped that it might be Zak’s incubus.   

Watch your butt Zak ! Your incubus may still be following you.

Ghost Adventures: Ancient Ram Inn

Zak, Nick and Aaron traveled to the Ancient Ram Inn  in Stroud district of Gloucestershire.

When it comes to taunting spirits I have to give the crew a major hat tip. In this episode Zak called in a witch to perform some wiccan ceremonies.  Once again poor Aaron didn’t want to be a part of the provoking. I have to say I feel sorry for the poor guy almost every episode.

The owner of the strange Inn is an equally strange man by the name of  John Humphries.  During the walk through, Mr. Humphries allegely had a strong reaction to something paranormal. Perhaps Mr. Humphries was selling the paranormal properties of the Inn or perhaps he needed to check his medication, we will never know. At one point, Mr. Humphries seemed confused about the lock down and started to lock himself in and everyone else out of the building. Mr. Humphries is convinced that a spirit is trying to have sex with him and that he is able to fight off the spirit with the aid of his Bible.

I guess my favorite part of the show was Zak on the floor during the wiccan ceremony. At one point, he points to his groin and tells us that he is feeling tingling. Oh those naughty British spirits, and the brits complain about Americans being overpaid, over sexed, and over here.

As the investigation continued, we heard several voices, evps, and odd thumps. Aaron thought that he captured a shadow; however, I wasn’t impressed. I have to admit that some of the voices were impressive; however, nothing was done to debunk them.

I enjoyed the episode and loved the location. As you might expect with Ghost Adventures it was less investigation and more spooky entertainment. Having said that, I enjoyed it.

Ghost Adventures: La Purisma Mission

There really wasn’t much to this investigation. La Purisma Mission is a beautiful place with a rich and tragic history. Should I every find myself in the area, I would love to visit it.

Once again, Zak and the boys should have taken a few minutes to prepare for the investigation by learning a few phrases of Spanish. I guess, in the world that Zak and the boys live in, showing a little respect for another culture is just too much trouble and not worth the effort.

The “intro” section seemed to go on forever. That is usually a very bad sign. Zak and the crew even wandered into the nearby hills just to point out a “warning sign” of snakes. 

There were some interesting stories from ghost dogs to tune-less guitars. Evidence? Not so much …

The boys gathered a few evps that I could not understand. Zak collected a FLIR image that he believed was that of a phantom soldier. The image has nothing to indicate the size of the object. We could be looking at a rabbit for all we know. In addition to that, the area had armed guards so it may have been a guard.

All in all, there was not a lot to this episode, but the mission was an interesting location.

Ghost Adventures – Underground In The Edinburgh Vaults

This week finds our brave Ghost Adventures team in Edinburgh, Scotland. Would that make the show Ghost Adventures International? While I may, at times, question the bravery of our fine team of adventurers.I have to admit that they are brave enough to board a plane and fly across the Atlantic. A feat that, at least, one member of the “Ghost Hunters” cast is unable to perform.

The “Vaults” of Edinburgh Scotland allegedly have a large variety of paranormal activity. It is the home of the villainous “Mr. Boots”, a spirit who threatens people with a shout of “get out”!  He is also believed to throw stones and is violent with women.

This program had many of the same elements of the other Ghost Adventures episodes. Zak would taunt the spirit with frat-boy-like bravado only to freak out at smallest noise. I have to admit that the Scooby Doo behavior of the crew is my favorite part of the show.

The boys managed to gather a few interesting bits of evidence. They picked up some odd noises and an EMF spike. However; very little was done to debunk those sounds or to track down a possible explanation for the EMF spike. The sound that I found most interesting sounded like that of a dog; sadly, there was no follow up.

The most intriguing piece of evidence was the movement of a teddy bear that was set up as a trigger object. Zak had reported feeling several strong drafts of cold air. Would that explain the movement of the bear? Sadly, we will never know.

Ghost Adventures or “Jackass the paranormal”


The travel channel has yet another paranormal ghost hunting show to add to its schedule, “Ghost Adventures”. Ghost Adventures is a mix between the popular “Most Haunted” and Jackass. The crew of “Ghost Adventures” or “Jackass the paranormal” are three young film students Zak, Nick, and Aaron. The crew explore alleged haunted locations with the aid of night vision cameras and other devices commonly used in ghost hunting type programs. “Ghost Adventures” adds a twist by locking the crew in the haunted location overnight.

Last Friday night, the boys investigated an unnamed New Jersey Asylum (ahem … Overbrook).  The asylum is reported to have a wide assortment of paranormal activity. The facility is contaminated by dangerous asbestos and littered with debris which makes it a perfect place to investigate for the crew of Jackass the paranormal “Ghost Adventures”.

Early on, we get our first Jackass moment as Zak pokes Nick in the eye with his finger. It would not be a good night for Nick or as I like to call him “Nick the victim”. Later, in the morgue, we get our second Jackass moment when Zak has the great idea to lock “Nick the victim” in one of the morgue’s body trays. Zak and Aaron wander off with poor “Nick the victim” banging on the door begging to be released. With friends like these who needs enemies!

Later, “Nick the victim” believes that he has been slapped in the face. My first thought was maybe it was Zak again that guy is dangerous. I hope that Nick wears some protective gear in his next investigation. Maybe a helmet, a cup, and some protective padding would be a good idea.

The crew collected a few interesting “evp”s but I don’t find any them to be convincing. In fact, the disembodied voices of a woman sounded more like a cat to me.

I have to admit that I enjoyed the show. I wasn’t dry, dull, or repetitive. It was funny, although, that may not have been the intent of the show. In short, I would recommend it.