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  • Ghost Hunters International and Hitler’s ghost

    Based on wacky conspiracy stories  by authors like Harry Cooper, the GHI team heads to Argentina to find Hitler’s ghost. If you are interested in Cooper’s theories, you can download and read his ebook Escape from the Bunker for free. Get the flock out! Dustin and Joe managed to find a flock of birds. I liked the […]

  • We ain’t afraid of no ghost … GHI

    Ghost Hunters International did its thing with two investigations last night on the syfy channel. One investigation was the “The Witches Castle” or Moosham Castle of  Unternberg, Austria. The castle had a bit of a vibe to it. It looked like a haunted castle. It had the tragic history of a haunted castle. In the […]

  • GHI: Houska Castle

    Ghost Hunters International investigated Houska Castle  last night. The castle is located in the Czech Republic in a remote area. The GHI crew listened to the stories about hauntings, but did little in the way of debunking the claims. With almost no evidence, the crew declared the place haunted. One of the interesting moments was […]