Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell

As most of you know, Frankenstein is my favorite steampunk monster. In Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell, we don’t see the usual monster that Dr. Frankenstein would create but an interesting variation of the monster.


Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell shambled into the theaters in 1973 and it was the last of the Hammer studio’s Frankenstein film series. The film stars Peter Cushing as Dr. Carl Victor aka Dr. Victor Frankenstein, and Shane Briant as Dr. Simon Helder.

It is Helder who is tried and convicted of sorcery for attempting to replicate Frankenstein’s experiments. Helder is sentenced to the same institution as Frankenstein, and discovers that Frankenstein is running the Asylum.


With the assistance of Dr. Helder, Frankenstein begins his life’s work of creating a man from body parts. Fortunately for Frankenstein, he has an entire mental Asylum to pick from. As you might expect, the newly created monster is unhappy and goes on the rampage. I thought that the monster being ripped to spreads by the inmates was a nice touch.

famfhAll in all, it is one of my favorite Frankenstein films. I am a big fan of vintage Hammer films and this one satisfies my love of Victorian horror. I was really impressed with an obviously frail Peter Cushing leaping on the back of the massive David Prowse in the subduing the monster scene. Shane Briant’s character need a solid pimp slap on more than one occasion and seamed too snotty for a Frankenstein assistant. Dr. Who fans should keep a sharp eye out for the body snatcher. Having said that, give this movie a try and I think you’ll love Hammer studios as much as I do.

Frankenstein, Frankenstein, and more Frankenstein … maybe

Frankenstein, Frankenstein, and more Frankenstein … maybe.




I make no bones about it, my favorite steampunk monster is Frankenstein. Mary Shelly’s masterpiece will see a few new incarnations in the next few years. Del Toro has told The Daily Telegraph that he wants Benedict Cumberbatch to star in his interpretation of Frankenstein. When it come to Guillermo del Toro and his myriad of projects, perhaps the word “MAYBE” should be added to the statement.

Just in time for Halloween, Daniel Radcliffe will play Igor in a movie about Frankenstein in October 2014. There is also a movie titled “I, Frankenstein” starring Aaron Eckhart and Bill Nighy due 2014.

It looks as though our favorite flesh golem will be shambling  to a theater near you soon.


Frankenstein, King of the steampunk monsters

Gruesomestein’s Monsters: The Worst Date

I’ve always loved the old Frankenstein movies. I am a big fan of steampunk and it is hard to find a better steampunk monster than Frankenstein. Did you know that the monster’s name is not Frankenstein? Shelly occasionally referred to him as Adam.

Victor Frankenstein was based, in part, on an alchemist named Dipple who’s origins were from Castle Frankenstein in Germany. I can’t imagine a Dipple monster so the name Frankenstein was a pretty good choice.

As a kid, I dressed as Frankenstein for a school Halloween contest. I used last years’ Frankenstein mask, a green turtleneck sweater, my Dad’s shoes, and a jacket that I had outgrown. A classmate helped by painting my hands and neck green. I sold the whole thing with an exaggerated Frankenstein walk.

I won the contest, or so I thought. An hour after I was picked as the winner, another boy was declared the winner. His Mother ran a clothing shop and his family was well-known (teachers) in the community. The Principal walked him through each class and suggested that, even though he was late, his costume was better than a simple mask. I was crushed.While I would escort my sister for a couple of years on Halloween, I never went Trick-or-Treating again.

Things certainly have changed over the years. Over the last couple of years I get adult and teenage Trick-or-Treaters.  I think that I will start a new tradition by giving away a couple of spooky books this Halloween. I can’t wait to see their reactions.

At any rate, I will give up after 3 or 4 hours and set out an empty bowl with a note saying, “Gone to a party, please take one.”  There is nothing in the rules that says that you can’t have a little fun with the Trick-or-Treaters.

Free: Frankenstein eBook: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley: Kindle Store

It’s a classic and a “must read” to add to your kindle. Pick it up while it is still free.

Frankenstein Frankenstein eBook: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley: Kindle Store

Ivory Underworld: Bride of Frankenstein

 My oh my, has Holly put me in the mood for Halloween. This lovely lady makes a great “Bride of Frankenstein” that lucky monster. I have a link below for more of Holly’s Frankenstein photos, but I must warn you that they are mildly NSFW.

Ivory Underworld: Bride of Frankenstein

The Haunting Gothic Loveliness Of Frankenstein Art – frankenstein – io9


Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein has seized our imaginations for nearly 200 years. Frankenstein art ranges from the grotesque to the glamorous to the playfully weird… like this Frankenstein meets Vampirella image. The Frankensteinia blog has compiled some incredibly gorgeous Frankenstein art.

Frankensteinia launched in August 2007, and has covered everything from exploitation movies to trivia to weird art. If you’re at all obsessed with the gothic and perverse, this blog is a major time sink — so be warned. We’ve been blown away by the breadth and depth of the Frankenstein art on the site, and here are a few of our favorite images. There is much, much more at the link. [Frankensteinia]



The Haunting Gothic Loveliness Of Frankenstein Art – frankenstein – io9

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