Carrot cake and coffee

Pondering Halloween

We are on the cusp of my favorite season of the year. I sat on the back porch with carrot cake and coffee, and enjoyed watching the leaves starting to fall. I’ve brought out the Halloween decorations and Peppy had his annual battle with Wolfie. I shot some footage of Peppy’s fit but it was too dark see. He barked at Wolfie, then ran away only to return and attack my trouser-leg when I acted as if I would pet the Wolfman decoration.

Spooky movies will be playing  and I should have a few interesting movies posted on my “Attention Earthlings!” (link) blog.  I may not have as many book reviews, and I may be a little distracted by the season, but fear not O’ Gnostalgia readers I will have a little something special for you.

I will have some reviews and giveaways of some Big Fish games! Keep an eye open for more news.

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