Britt Griffith Fired Again


Another Ghost Hunter follows Adam Berry and Amy Bruni to the unemployment line … Britt Griffith. You may remember that Britt was fired from the now defunct Ghost Hunters International show only to return after a successful PR campaign.  I wonder if he will again flood twitter with tons of family pics?

At any rate, his off the cuff comments about guns, gays, and who’s show is faked more, has finally brought the curtain down on his ghost hunting career. Having said that, he’s come back before.

It should be interesting to see how Ghost Hunters continues with much of it’s cast missing.

Britt Griffith to return to Ghost Hunters

Britt Griffith rehired
Britt Griffith rehired

Almost from the start of his firing there have been rumors that Britt Griffith was going to be rehired by Ghost Hunters. It seems that the rumors are true. Britt Griffith is in negotiations to return to Ghost Hunters.

Things that make you go hmmmmmm?

Ghost Hunters Britt Griffith FIRED !

Britt and the phantom career
Britt and the phantom career

As many of you know, I had some trouble with Britt Griffith’s comments in a recent radio interview.  I have learned that Britt has been fired for those comments. 

What does this mean for Ghost Hunters? Nothing much in my opinion. Britt was to leave GH for a spot on the all but defunct Ghost Hunters International. I guess the burning question would be what will happen to GHI? 

Ghost Hunter Academy has been cancelled ( although not officially ) and now GHI finds itself almost without a cast. It looks as though Pilgrim, Syfy, and NBC have a lot to answer for. 

I guess fans of the Ghost Hunter franchise or Britt Griffith might make the argument about Britt being punished for using his “right of free speech.” Sure Britt has a “Right” of free speech, but he also has a responsibility.  I really think that Britt owes a lot of people an apology (update he has apologized). 

He has given paranormal researchers a black eye. His words reflect badly on the entire paranormal field. He may have driven the last nail in the coffin of paranormal tv.  Then again, ending paranormal tv may not be such a bad thing! 

One thing Britt managed to do for all of us, he managed to give us a perfect example of how to destroy a career. 


I learned that Britt has apologized on Facebook saying, ” So last week i did an internet radio interview where i got worked up over a subject and out of all the four letter words in my head my brain pulled out a six letter word that i do not use, “FA**OT”. I have no idea why my brain chose that word as i do not use it just like i do not use the N word. I come from a f…amily with gays and lesbians in it and i completely understand the punch behind that word. One of my close friends who is gay told me it irked him, and he has very think (thin?) skin, so i am guessing that if he was upset there are others that heard it that are also upset. To those who i may have offended i am sorry for that, it was not my intention to use that word or to offend anyone. 

With all the recent suicides of kids having issues dealing with being gay and my personal experience dealing with a teenage family member going through this issue just a couple years ago i thinks its appropriate to mention this project that was brought to my attention by Kate Mullaly, it is a free resource for kids having suicidal thoughts over the issue of being gay. Please if you are thinking of ending it all, don’t, give the Trevor Project a call first, thay can help.

Still remarks like “the public is stupid” were not addressed.

***UPDATE*** Britt has been rehired

The dark side of Britt Griffith

Listen to the Britt Griffith interview

Could the choice of Britt as a new cast member be the end of the Ghost Hunters International show?  Sadly, the cast members of the show have been dropping like flies.  After listening to Britt’s comments, I have to wonder if Ghost Hunters has done anything in the way of vetting its team members.

Among some of the more disturbing remarks are:

  • “You get on the east coast, the west coast and they’re all anti-gun pu…ssy faggots.”
  • “I no longer investigate unarmed.”
  • “I’m very blue-collar, I’m R-rated, if four-letter words offend you, you know how to turn the sound off.”
  • The public is stupid, and you guys, if the public wants to go out and kill each other, then whatever, go for it.  I got my guns, and uh…I’ll protect my own.”

Check out the interview at the above link or read Anita Brown’s article “Paranoia, homophobia, and racism on the front lines of the paranormal field” where she takes Griffith to task for his comments.  It really begs the question if SyFy and Pilgrim will stick with a guy like this? Britt may be the last nail in the GHI coffin.

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