Kindred Spirits: Amy Bruni and Adam Berry are Back

AmybruniFor those of you who can’t get enough ghost-huntin’, and you know who you are, a new show titled “Kindred Spirits” has been green-lit for Destination America. Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, of Ghost Hunters fame, will star in the show. Personally, I don’t think that this show is bringing anything new to the paranormal TV show genre.

Having said that, I do like Amy Bruni and Adam Berry and I’d like to give them a fair viewing. I’ll let you know more about the series as it gets closer.



Amy Bruni & Adam Berry cut from Ghost Hunters

AmybruniA friend once used the term “circling the drain” to refer to something (or someone) coming to it’s end. Having said that, I imagine that Ghost Hunters will add several more seasons/years to it’s life by cutting away expensive actors like Amy Bruni and Adam Berry.

Will they be replaced by “cheaper” actors? Will Jason simply pretend that they didn’t exist?  Rumor has it that Jason is scurrying around trying to find replacements. Maybe some old faces from failed para-shows might return. Don’t bet on it — they would be too expensive.

What of Bruni and Berry? There is talk of a “new” paranormal show starring the pair. I, for one, would be surprised to see a new show happen.

Circling the drain?


Amy Bruni gives birth

Mother and daughter are well. The baby’s name is Charlotte Amy. My best to both Brunis.

Amy’s tweet, “Last night, we welcomed our little girl, Charlotte, into the world! Baby and I are doing great. Suddenly, life feels so complete.Xoxo”

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