Giving away an old Kindle

Amazon Kindle Fire HD
Amazon Kindle Fire HD (Photo credit: TipsForComputer.Com)

Many of you have that old kindle collecting dust on a shelf and have thought about giving it to someone or some organization that could use it.  A simple search can pull up organizations like E-Books for troops ( or the Kindle Classroom Project ( just to name a couple that distribute used kindles.

Basically, what you want to do is send your information (bookmarks, etc.) to the cloud. You will then perform a factory reset. On some older kindles, the sequence is Home > Menu > Settings > Menu> Reset to Factory Defaults. On the Kindle Fire, the sequence is Settings > Device > Reset to Factory Defaults.  If you are having trouble finding the reset, go to for another method.

Give the old unused kindle a new life. Wipe away your data with a factory reset and pass the kindle to a friend or family member. It would make a nice gift for someone when bundled with an Amazon gift card.


Use your Kindle Fire to read Gnostalgia

kindle fire121213Gnostalgia sizes up perfectly on a Kindle Fire … yes, those are my greasy fingerprints. This might be the perfect time to talk about cleaning your Kindle Fire.

As it turns out, Amazon sells the “Moshi Teraglove Screen Cleaner for all Kindle Fire Models“, however any clean microfiber cloth can do the job.

For the Amazon enthusiast, bookmark this site on YOUR Kindle and follow my posts. I’ll link freebies found on Amazon and give my reviews of ebooks, ereaders, and accessories.


Ancient city discovered in Amazonian rainforest linked to the legendary white-skinned Cloud People of Peru | Mail Online

A lost city discovered deep in the Amazon rainforest could unlock the secrets of a legendary tribe.

Little is known about the Cloud People of Peru, an ancient, white-skinned civilisation wiped out by disease and war in the 16th century.

But now archaeologists have uncovered a fortified citadel in a remote mountainous area of Peru known for its isolated natural beauty.

An ancient Chachapoyas village located close to the area where the lost city was found

It is thought this settlement may finally help historians unlock the secrets of the white warriors of the clouds.

The tribe had white skin and blonde hair – features which intrigue historians, as there is no known European ancestry in the region, where most inhabitants are darker skinned.

The citadel is tucked away in one of the most far-flung areas of the Amazon. It sits at the edge of a chasm which the tribe may have used as a lookout to spy on enemies

via Ancient city discovered in Amazonian rainforest linked to the legendary white-skinned Cloud People of Peru | Mail Online

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