Ghost Hunters S09E08 The Ghost Hasn’t Left the Building

gh09e08Ghost Hunters “The Ghost Hasn’t Left the Building” not to be confused with Ghost Lab‘s “Elvis Has Not Left the Building” (link). I’ve got to say, in a head-to-head match up, I think Ghost Lab did the better job.

Sadly, in both cases, the investigation was better more than an hour-long infomercial for the Shreveport Auditorium.  On the plus side, Amy returned from maternity leave — I couldn’t help but laugh at the contrived exchange between Jason and Steve about Amy’s return. It came off as so staged and faked that I wondered if they were actually happy that Amy returned. Are they?

While the GH team heard some unusual sounds, to be honest can you determine what is unusual to THAT Auditorium with only a one night investigation? The team did very little to recreate the sounds or the mysterious photographs.

I got a chuckle when Amy and Adam saw a tall shadow. Of course, the cameraman missed it so we the audience missed it. Describing the shadow they said that it looked like it had color to it — like white —yeah. Maybe it’s just me but I usually don’t say that something has color in it  — white.

Later Britt gave me a laugh when he said with a straight face that he was investigating the nearby graveyard to see if the ghosts from the graveyard are going to the Auditorium. Seriously Britt? How are you going to determine if there is some sort of ghost leak? Maybe a trail of ectoplasm?

Tango and Steve had their comedic moments and I saw a brief glimpse of the old Ghost Hunters. All in all, while they have had better investigations, the show was entertaining.

Are you interested in learning more … take the haunted tour. Yes, they have a haunted tour.









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