Our world may be a giant hologram – space – 15 January 2009 – New Scientist

The idea that we live in a hologram probably sounds absurd, but it is a natural extension of our best understanding of black holes, and something with a pretty firm theoretical footing. It has also been surprisingly helpful for physicists wrestling with theories of how the universe works at its most fundamental level. The holograms... Continue Reading →

Methane discovery hints at living Martian microbes | Science | Reuters

The methane likely was produced either by water reacting with hot rock below the surface or by living microorganisms as a waste product, they said during a NASA news briefing. The scientists said the evidence does not suggest the methane was brought to Mars by an object like a comet. "This is exciting because we... Continue Reading →

Ghost Hunters International, The Little Castle

The Little Castle was very brief . The investigation centered around a ruined building that resembled a small castle in São Paulo. I enjoyed seeing the Little Castle and hearing about its tragic past. However; the location was a very bad choice for a paranormal investigation. The building was on a busy street and the street sounds tainted... Continue Reading →

San Francisco – The Snitch – Ask a Scientist: Sorry, Bigfoot Probably Doesnt Exist. But If He Did, He Would Be Taller Than a Bear

Interest in the mythical beast, who first crept into a generations subconscious when he upstaged John Lithgow in Harry and the Hendersons, has been running high ever since a trio of hoaxsters froze a lumpen Halloween suit in a freezer and declared it to be the carcass of Sasquatch last summer. via San Francisco -... Continue Reading →

Latin American Herald Tribune – U.S. Woman Arrested for Pre-Colombian Ritual at Mexico Museum

VILLAHERMOSA, MEXICO -- A U.S. woman was arrested along with two Mexican men for causing damage by spraying oil on 23 archaeological pieces from the Olmec culture at the La Venta Museum in the southern Mexican state of Tabasco, authorities said. Wanda Aguilar, 35, a resident of Miami, joined her companions in attempting to stage... Continue Reading →

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