Stonehenge : 4,500 year-old limestone plaque indicates direct link with Stonehenge | Entertainment and Showbiz

An archaeological team has uncovered a 4,500 year-old limestone plaque at south of Chester, in Cheshire, England, bearing a mysterious crisscross pattern, which indicates a direct link with the Stonehenge. According to a report in the Telegraph, the closest parallel is a chalk plaque found in 1969 on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, just 1km from... Continue Reading →

Walking with Boudicca: We follow an historic journey – via an Essex underpass and a McDonalds | Mail Online

    We know very little about Boudicca. We dont even know whether her name really was Boudicca, or where she lived. But we do know that she came as close as anyone to driving the Romans out of Britain, fired by vengeance, injustice and the cruellest sense of grievance induced in any mother from... Continue Reading →

Prize from Seasons of Shadows

I would like to thank Season of Shadows  for this prize. I won a Travel Channel pad/pen and an autographed poster of the Ghost Adventures cast. On a side note, Season of Shadows has a SkulBone Halloween series of t-shirts giveaway this month at check it out. You may win a fine prize.

Radiocarbon dates indicate early Irish were just visiting – Times Online

Ireland’s first farmers settled the island later than some sites from Ulster have long suggested, but did so in a short period which may also have seen parallel migration into western England and Scotland. Radiocarbon dates indicate that sites from Co Kerry in the South West to Co Derry in Northern Ireland were all settled... Continue Reading →

BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | Mid Wales | King Arthur hill nature plans

Four villagers who bought a hill which, according to local legend, is where King Arthur married Guinevere want to turn it into a nature reserve. The four paid £86,000 for woodland at Castle Hill at Knucklas, near Knighton, Powys, and intend to allow archaeologists to excavate the site. Folklore says that Guinevere married Arthur on... Continue Reading →

Mummy thought to be Queen Seshestet found in Egypt – Yahoo News

    CAIRO Reuters – Egyptian archaeologists have found the remains of a mummy thought to be that of Queen Seshestet, the mother of a pharaoh who ruled Egypt in the 24th century BC, the government said on Thursday. After five hours spent lifting the lid of a sarcophagus in a pyramid discovered south of... Continue Reading →

No more Andy, Ghost Hunters International

Some fans liked him and some hated him, but Andy Andrews has vanished from the Ghost Hunters International like the phantoms that he so often hunted. Once again, neither the Scifi channel nor the Ghost Hunters International show has bothered to give the fans a reason for Andy's departure. A simple gesture of courtesy to... Continue Reading →

Irish Examiner | Irish News | News from Ireland

NEANDERTHAL humans, sabre-toothed tigers, giant sloths and the dodo could all qualify for resurrection using preserved DNA, it has been claimed. A list of 50 “extinct beasts” that might, together with the woolly mammoth, rise again with the help of future technology was compiled by New Scientist magazine. They included the ice-age Neanderthal, which for... Continue Reading →

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