Svengoolie schedule for September

As most of you know, I love classic horror. Here is Svengoolie’s schedule for the month of September.

  1. SEP 02 Monster on the Campus
  2. SEP 09 Medusa Against the Son of Hercules
  3. SEP 16 It Came From Outer Space
  4. SEP 23 Frankenstein
  5. SEP 30 Wolf Man

Review: Letters from the Big Man

Letters From the Big Man (Includes Bonus Documentary)

letters from the big man

A government hydrologist Sarah Smith (Lily Rabe) travels into the wilderness and encounters an unusual friend.

I really enjoyed the scenery, although some of it seemed to be stock wilderness footage. The music was pleasant and peaceful, and it worked perfectly with the movie. On the downside, at no point did I believe that Sarah Smith was alone “IN” the wilderness. You just don’t wake up in the morning, while camping, looking “Hollywood” perfect.


She would measure things and then flick the sample away like trash … just didn’t seem like the character. There were those moments when I laughed as she daydreamed. I couldn’t help but think there is an example of wasted tax-payer dollars. Instead of burning calories investigating the area, I’ll jump rope. She chopped wood like she was about to fall on her face. She just didn’t come off as a country girl.

I really wanted to hit the fast-forward button and it took all of my will-power to resist the urge. That being said, I wouldn’t want to miss seeing her feeding a squirrel while dressed in a towel — repeatedly.


“You must see us, feel us, with your heart.”

All in all, I thought the movie was about average. It had it’s moments, but I couldn’t get into the main character.  I’d give it 3 stars out of 5.


Day of the Mummy

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Yeah, it looks like a cheesy B-movie. Having said that, I love cheesy B-movies. You should see the fear in the eyes of friends and family when I pick up the remote control. That look is usually followed by a warning of “none of your weird B-movies.”

Day of the Mummy
… a cross between video game first-person-shooter and a movie?

Saturday movie review: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Saturday movie review:

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

I guess if a case could be made for the book being better than a movie one need only point at The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Don’t get me wrong, I was entertained by the movie, but I love the original Tolkien stories.

hobbit2The movie is visually impressive. The barrel ride was packed with both action and humor. I thought that Bilbo’s view above the trees of Mirkwood was stunningly beautiful though it reminded me of Disney’s Tarzan when Tarzan took Jane to the jungle’s canopy to see birds. The spiders of Mirkwood reminded me of Harry Potter, although Bilbo’s ability to understand their speech while wearing the ring was interesting.

All to often, I was left scratching my head with the introduction of new characters and odd love triangles. I was also put off with changes to characters like Beorn who I imagined to be a huge, muscular Viking-like being but became a demi-wookie, while in human-form, in the movie. Clearly, Jackson and I pictured Beorn very differently.

It also seems to me that Jackson is trying to hard to link The Hobbit with Lord of the Rings. I actually laughed out loud when I saw the Eye of Sauron.

Still, the second Hobbit film is entertaining. I give it 3 1/2 stars out of 5 and recommend it for the fantasy fans.

Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell

As most of you know, Frankenstein is my favorite steampunk monster. In Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell, we don’t see the usual monster that Dr. Frankenstein would create but an interesting variation of the monster.


Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell shambled into the theaters in 1973 and it was the last of the Hammer studio’s Frankenstein film series. The film stars Peter Cushing as Dr. Carl Victor aka Dr. Victor Frankenstein, and Shane Briant as Dr. Simon Helder.

It is Helder who is tried and convicted of sorcery for attempting to replicate Frankenstein’s experiments. Helder is sentenced to the same institution as Frankenstein, and discovers that Frankenstein is running the Asylum.


With the assistance of Dr. Helder, Frankenstein begins his life’s work of creating a man from body parts. Fortunately for Frankenstein, he has an entire mental Asylum to pick from. As you might expect, the newly created monster is unhappy and goes on the rampage. I thought that the monster being ripped to spreads by the inmates was a nice touch.

famfhAll in all, it is one of my favorite Frankenstein films. I am a big fan of vintage Hammer films and this one satisfies my love of Victorian horror. I was really impressed with an obviously frail Peter Cushing leaping on the back of the massive David Prowse in the subduing the monster scene. Shane Briant’s character need a solid pimp slap on more than one occasion and seamed too snotty for a Frankenstein assistant. Dr. Who fans should keep a sharp eye out for the body snatcher. Having said that, give this movie a try and I think you’ll love Hammer studios as much as I do.

My thoughts on Avatar

There are certain traditions that we have during the holidays. Some nut will attack the Pope, another nut will sue over the location of a Christmas ornament, and everyone will complain about the commercialism of Christmas.

Around my home, we go to the movies. This year we decided to watch Avatar. It was a cold and rainy afternoon and I wasn’t really in the mood but Willy couldn’t be talked out of it. Afterall, it was a tradition.

As I pulled into the theater parking lot, I couldn’t believe my eyes. People were standing in line in the rain waiting for tickets to Avatar.

“That’s not nearly as bad as the line for Harry Potter,” said Willy cheerfully.

“Are you sure that you wouldn’t want to do this on another day?”

Yeah, like that would work.

I was shocked at the price of the tickets until Willy wised me up that this was a 3D showing. Crap, I hate 3D. I noticed that he kept this to himself until after I was paying for the tickets. I wished the ticket seller a Merry Christmas, which seemed to make her day, and headed straight for the ticket collector or the ripper as I like to call him. The ripper did his job and directed us to the first theater on the left. Unfortunately; it was the third theater on the left, no problem it wasn’t rocket science to figure it out.

We managed to find some good seats and sat for what seemed to be an eternity watching ads. Finally; the movie started. I fumbled putting my 3D glasses over my regular glasses.

I have to admit that I have never seen anything like it before. The visual effects were stunning. I was amazed with everything until a load bang and some lights in the rear of the theater came on.

“Now what !?!?”

For about 5 minutes, the movie continued without sound. One of the most expensive movies to make was now playing like a Charlie Chaplin movie. Without any explanation, we had another loud bang and the sound returned. Unfortunately for me my ears were ringing by that point, so the return of the sound was not my main concern. Despite the Carmike 10’s best efforts to ruin both my ears and my enjoyment of the movie. I still give Avatar high marks.

The plot is very predictable, think Dune, Dances with Wolves, A Man Called Horse, etc. Of course, an evil minion of an evil corporation tries to destroy the lives of the happy natives. You would think that Hollywood could find a better villain than evil corporations but I guess not.

What sets this movie apart from any other movie is its visual effects. Forget the forgettable plot, you should see this movie and you should see it in 3D.

It’s not just a movie. it’s an experience.

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