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  • Ebook review: Linux for Beginners An Introduction to the Linux Operating System and Command Line by Jason Cannon

    This was originally posted on my Facebook account and I’ve decided to repost it here. Let me know if you want to see more Linux ebook reviews.

  • My Manjaro Linux desktop

    My Manjaro Linux desktop

  • Manjaro wallpaper

    Here is a wallpaper that I threw together using gimp.

  • A year with Manjaro Linux

    It’s hard to believe but a year has gone by and I continue to use Manjaro Linux. I’ve tried a variety of Linux programs, and sometimes I’m tempted by other distributions, but I am still floored by the simplicity of Manjaro’s XFCE. My biggest Manjaro limitations are not with Manjaro but the old computer itself. […]

  • Almost five months of Manjaro Linux

    It has been almost 5 months ago that I have installed Manjaro Linux on this old computer and I’ve loved every minute of it.  While I still use Peppermint OS (almost eight months) on my oldest computer, Manjaro has become my daily driver. That isn’t to say that I don’t use Windows 10. For the […]

  • Living with Linux: 2 months on Peppermint OS

    All in all, I am enjoying my time with Linux and more specifically Peppermint OS. I have even put Peppermint on my bigger computer in place of Linux Mint.  Having said that, I may try another OS on the bigger rig that I call Frankenstein. Everything has not been peaches and light, I have experienced […]

  • Linux Mint playing 0 A.D.

    Very much like the old Age of Empire games … It’s a free game and certainly worth a look.

  • Living with Linux: Adding Ice

    That’s right, I am still enjoying my Lint Mint Cinnamon experience. I thought that I would give you a look at my desktop and tell you how to add a little Ice to your Linux Mint. Recently, I’ve added “Steam” without any problems and I’ve tweaked the clock with the full date and time. I’ll […]

  • Living with Linux: Linux Mint

    I call this computer Frankenstein, because it had been cobbled together from parts from other computers. I’ve decided to ditch the Windows OS and install Linux Mint ( I plan to try this system out for a while and I may use this OS long term. I had a little hiccup just as the install […]

  • Peppermint 6 Linux: Monsterz

    Yes, it is that time of the year when I enjoy the chill in the air (and living in Florida that’s saying something), creepy TV, spooky books, and all things Halloween. When I am not munching on candy that is supposed to be reserved for the Trick-or-Treat folks, I am toying around with decorations and […]

  • Tuesday’s child is …

    It’s a rainy gloomy Tuesday, although the weather man predicts that the skies will clear. I am tinkering around with my Peppermint 6 Linux system and I have to say that I am enjoying the experience. That isn’t to say that everything has been perfect, but I am well pleased with this OS. I have […]

  • Living with Linux: Simple Screen Recorder test

    Okay, this is my test of the Simple Screen Recorder on my Peppermint 6 Linux box. So far, so good. I am loving Peppermint 6.

  • Living with Linux: 1 week with Peppermint 6

    Living with Linux: 1 week with Peppermint 6

    It’s hard to believe that a week has gone by. Time seems to be faster now that I have some gray hair. I’ve noticed the leaves falling from the wisteria and there was a hint of Fall in the air this morning. I can’t wait for Fall but at the same I am keenly aware […]

  • Living with Linux: Peppermint 6

    Yesterday was my first day using Linux Peppermint 6 ( It installed perfectly and I am very pleased with the results. Of course, I had to immediately give it a try so I made a screen grab with the software that is bundled with the Peppermint 6. This OS also comes with Chromium and, as […]

  • Living with Linux: Lubuntu or Peppermint?

    I’ve been “living with Lubuntu Linux” for quite some time now and, for the most part, I’ve loved it. That being said, I’ve really wanted a try out a little Peppermint 6 ( The only thing that has been holding me back is that I’ve enjoyed my Lubuntu experience. Well, today I’ve made the decision […]