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  • Giant spider

    The internet is a buzz over this large spider. I will say that I am glad that it lives in Australia and not Florida. The spider is identified as a “Huntsman” so named because it hunts it’s prey rather than using a web like many of it’s cousins. The world is an amazing place… This […]

  • Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo Kansas – A Monsanto Puppet

    Originally posted on yankee pride:
    It’s Back. And It’s Worse. Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) didn’t like the fact that consumer groups renamed his bill to kill state GMO labeling laws the “Deny Americans the Right to Know (DARK) Act.” So, in order to appear to be on the side of consumers who want the right…

  • A Natural Way To Clean Your Clothes, WITHOUT Detergents

    According to the University of Washington, your laundry detergent releases banned cancer-causing chemicals that may be affecting the health of you and your family. On July 23rd, 2008, the University of Washington did a study on leading detergents. What they found is that 99% of laundry detergents released cancer-causing chemicals that are legally hazardous and toxic by…

  • Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever

    Earth…We Are One This master cleansing tonic is actually an antibiotic that kills gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It has also a powerful antiviral and antifungal formula, increases blood circulation and lymph flow in all parts of the body. This plant-based remedy is the best choice for the fight against candida. This tonic has helped many…

  • Watch & Share! I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This!

    This is absolutely beautiful…and it’s amazing what one can portray with the shadows of the human form…and thoughtful arrangement! It leaves you speechless!

  • Oath Keepers – by Debby

    I have recently come across an excellent web site thanks to my friend, Dottie. This site is called, the Oath Keepers. I’m very impressed by this site and encourage all patriots to at least visit and read this site! Here is their introduction: Oath Keepers Main Banner “Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of currently […]

  • Are You Ready? – by Debby

    According to a ‘Miracles and Inspiration’ news article by Scott Mowry, the Vatican, the Obama administration and the European Space Agency (among others) are gearing up to make a revelation of great proportions that will shake not only the Catholic & Christian religions but the whole world to it’s very core! As early as some […]

  • Chile Miners Breakthrough! – by Debby

    There has been a breakthrough to the underground room where 33 Chilean miners have been trapped for 66 days on Saturday. After 33 days of drilling, the “Plan B” drill broke through to the miners 622 meters down. Celebration and cheering started as soon as the ‘Camp Hope’ siren rang out confirming the break through.  Although […]

  • Some More “Big Brother” Issues!

    Think you can browse and just shop anonymously in Wal-Mart? Think again! As of August 1st Wal-Mart took a tool they had to track pallets of merchandise in their warehouses and supply chains called radio-frequency ID tags (RFID tags) and are now placing them into clothing tags! So now when you buy a pair of […]

  • Non Citizens and Illegal Immigrants Voting

    I just heard on the local news that a city not far from me here in Maine has gotten enough signatures to force a referendum on the November ballot to allow non-(US)citizens to be able to vote just because they pay taxes, have children in the city’s schools and live there. It won’t let them do […]

  • Our Economy on the Mend?

    Think again!  The US economy is very fragile. Why? Because it is fast becoming a plutonomy. That’s an economy that depends on how the wealthy spend and invest.  A far less stable economy then one based on an equal distribution of income and mass consumption. In a Wall Street Journal article by Robert Frank, he states: […]

  • What is God’s Religion?

    Now, you might at first think that this question is really silly, but stick with me for a wee bit. I’ve been going down a spiritual pathway to find where home is and have been journeying through different religions, studying them, researching their theologies, beliefs, spiritual foundations, ideals, messages and ideologies. In doing so, I […]

  • American Dream Preservation

    A peaceful retaking of America by the sovereign? Is this a 21st century revolution? You be the judge! Visit the American Dream Preservation.

  • Lincoln’s ‘Shroud of Turin’ Stirs Debate

    “A doctor wants to test a relic of Lincoln’s  assassination — a fragment of a pillowcase stained with his blood and brain matter — to solve a medical mystery, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.” Apparently,  cardiologist John Sotos, a rare-disease buff, wants to test the DNA left on Lincoln’s pillowcase to see if Lincoln was dieing of […]

  • Devasting behavior

    This worm which is 4 feet in length devasted a coral reef and terrorized fish at an aquarium in Cornwall, England. The name of this big, bad guy? Barry… of course! CLICK HERE for further details. Picture by Rex USA.