On Svengoolie Saturday night: Blood of Dracula.

Svengoolie will be playing Blood of Dracula it is a 1957 horror flick with a very low-budget. The film follows Nancy Perkins, a troubled teenage girl who is sent to a strict boarding school to improve her behavior. However, she soon discovers that the school is not what it seems, as her science teacher, Miss Branding, is secretly a vampire who wants to turn Nancy into her next victim.

Despite its cheesy special effects and wooden acting, Blood of Dracula is an entertaining and campy film that perfectly captures the spirit of 1950s horror movies. The film is notable for its feminist undertones, as Nancy’s transformation into a vampire is portrayed as a symbol of her rebellion against the oppressive social norms of the time.

Corman’s direction is efficient and effective, making the most of the limited resources at his disposal. The film’s moody atmosphere is heightened by the creepy score and the striking use of shadows and lighting.

Overall, Blood of Dracula is a fun and engaging movie that will appeal to fans of classic horror films. While it may not be the most groundbreaking or sophisticated film ever made, it is a perfect example of the low-budget horror genre that Corman helped to popularize in the 1950s and 60s. So, grab some popcorn and settle in for a spooky night with Blood of Dracula!

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