Surprise Discovery of 4,000-Year-Old Egyptian Sphinx with Human Head and Lion Body


Local authorities in Egypt have announced the discovery of an ancient sphinx statue between two of the best known ancient temples in the country – Karnak and Luxor. The discovery was made by chance, during a restoration project, and stunned the construction workers who found it. There have been very few sphinxes discovered in modern times and the find will add to our knowledge of Egyptian sculpture and art. The sphinx will also raise questions as to what else may be found in the area and which Pharaoh the statue represents.


Industrial wall shelves

As many of you know I love steampunk ( all of the retro-futurism ), dieselpunk, etc. and my wish is to have a steampunk set for my book/movie reviews. I really think that my study will be the perfect spot and perhaps someday I will build my fantasy set. In the meantime, I have found some shelving ideas that would be perfect.