Wrap-up of the week

The family gathered for breakfast as usual. Darlene didn’t eat anything; she is due for a gallbladder procedure Tuesday. I guess I’ll spend Tuesday in a hospital waiting-room — again.


They came bearing gifts. They gave me a Bob Ross Chia pet ( because everyone needs a Bob Ross chia pet ), some melaleuca honey, and some pineapple-orange juice. I suppose that I will be eating these leftovers for the rest of the day.

I have finished reading “The Medicine Wheel: Plain & Simple” by Deborah Durbin, “Faires: Plain & Simple” by Ralph Harvey, and “The Eagle’s View” by Paddy Fievet. I haven’t reviewed them because — I’m lazy. Trust me … Soon.

The weather is warm here in Florida. Today the temps will hit the 80’s — when will it ever be Fall?. The squirrels have developed a taste for my Christmas Cactus and they’ve eaten about a third of it, little bastards. They also chewed up a plastic dipper for fertilizer, what the hell?

Oh well, time to play with my chia pet. Have a great week everyone.