In my mailbox: Tarot Plain & Simple

Life after Irma is returning to normal. I missed getting the trash out my the road ( in my defense they did say that there was no trash pickup today — but there was). My neighbor’s mail was in my front yard ( I guess it blew out of his box — again). The mailman crammed a book into my mailbox. You know, my usual morning.

Thank you Weiser for the cool-looking book Tarot Plain & Simple by Leanna Greenaway. The book will be available October 1st.

Before you begin this introduction to Tarot, you may ask yourself, “Am I psychic?” The surprising answer: the Tarot deck is the best possible way to find out! Follow this guide and uncover your gifts, while you explore the mysteries of the Tarot through the clear directions and explanations. Start from how to choose the right Tarot deck, and care for it to enhance its power. In addition to both traditional and modern explanations for all 78 cards, you’ll find exercises to develop your reading ability, six different spreads, advice on doing a reading for someone who’s in a different location, and–for times when you have no Tarot deck–instructions for doing a reading with regular playing cards.


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