Rainy days, Windows 10, cabbages, and kings

SAM_0023It has rained for the last couple of days and I can hear thunder as I write this post. This may not have been the hottest Summer in recent memory but it certainly one of the wettest.

My attempts to immerse myself in a game were destroyed when Windows 10 decided to update. What a pain in the ass. Just as I was about to slay the dragon Jormag’s Claw, I was disconnected. No victory, no treasure, no nothing, thanks Windows.

I waited until Windows had done it’s thing and updated to 16251. Among the new features, you will be able to link your Windows phone. Since I don’t have a Windows phone this update meant nothing to me. Cortana takes on a bigger role with voice control. You can now ask Cortana questions and she will give results without opening Edge. She will also reboot, lock, shutdown, etc. on verbal command. In my case Cortana doesn’t understand me, I think she hates southerners. “Learn to speak English you hillbilly, white trash, swamp rat.”

Aside from the thunderstorms, the house has been unusually quiet since Peppy has passed away. The backyard squirrels have grown bolder and are stealing the cotton from the chair cushions on the back-porch.  One hit me with a pecan yesterday — I swear the little bastard did it one purpose.

I’m counting down the days until Fall.

August brings the sheaves of corn,
Then the harvest home is borne
–Sara Coleridge (1802–52)


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