Forgive the dust

It’s Spring so I have to move things around on the blog. Some links may be broken and/or missing for a few days so please hang on…

I have just switched to the default 2017 wordpress theme titled, oddly enough, “twenty seventeen”. There’s a well-thought-out-name for you. I wonder what the meeting must have been like when the execs gathered for that meeting? Don’t get mad wordpress I’m just having a little fun with you.

At any rate, I have a static page which will give you a sample of my latest posts and make announcements. You can navigate to the main blog by using the “blog” button on the menu bar. I’ve also added a new header. In the future I think that I will have headers for holidays and seasons. I’d also like to create my own logo … Like I say — hang on!

If there is no struggle, there is no progress.
—Frederick Douglass


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